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Life (and salads)
Jason Quek

For me, it's all the experiences that I've been through, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the laughter and the tears, the friends and the jerks, the black and the white... everything!

You mix them all together in a large salad bowl, add some salad dressing, there you go - Life. Don't like the asparagus and brussel sprouts? Then don't eat them. Don't like the tomatoes? Well tomatoes are good for you, but it's your choice.

You want some olive oil to go with your salad? There you go, ma'am, pour all you want.


I never said it was easy and happy. What I'm trying to say is in your life, there are the good stuff (like croutons and bacon bits) and the bad (like asparagus and sprouts). Everything is "nicely" package. We just sometimes forget to look at the price tag hidden on the underside.

The good stuff, enjoy all you can (while they last). The bad stuff, you can either force it down your throat, or push them to the side of the plate. But if you keep staring at the asparagus and keep thinking about it and worrying about it, it's not going to turn into an apple slice, it's not going to change things, and while you are doing all the fretting over your stupid asparagus, you might be missing out on some of the good stuff.

The salad bowl is Life itself and we didn't have the choice of what we ordered in the first place. We weren't shown the menu. That, perhaps, is the sick part.

for the monkey in the girl-suit
21 Dec 1999

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