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Best Provexum Android Apps
jinkazama Posted: Sat Nov 9 02:01:12 2019 Post | Quote in Reply  
  There is a thing called the point of no return PNR, which when reached, means that elimination of seminal fluid is inevitable. Recognizing the approach to your PNR is the first critical step and then you can use several techniques to stay below that threshold. One of these techniques is known as the stop and start routine and as the name suggests you simply halt or even just slow down your sexual motions until the sensations subside and then you begin again. It often only takes less thanseconds for you to be ready to start over. One other ancient technique which has been used in Asia for centuries is the art of deep breathing during sexual intercourse. Very few western men are familiar with these methods but they work incredibly well and are used repeatedly by actors in the porn film industry. The nervous system and specifically your sexual tension is calmed by the deep breathing and when it used in conjunction with other techniques as part of a proven strategy the results are permanent.


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