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This is Real
Savvode Posted: Fri Oct 10 18:50:02 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I would really like to know about real-life incidents that would qualify for the DUH-moment-of-the-year awards.

Here's one I know about. An aquaintance of mine, working in an event management agency, lands up at an office party and is having a grandiously rocking time. A new lady recruit gets completely sloshed. Our dude has some project to complete for the next day, so he happens to go down to the office and carries the lady along with him. He has a hard time propping the lady on a chair, cause she keeps slipping out and slidding out on the floor. Mr. Dude takes her to a big conference table and puts her on it. He completes his project and slides in next to her quite innocently (that was the only table for laying down, that is how he explains his action). Well one thing leads to another and the end up having great sex early in the morning.
Now Mr. Dude has to get her out of the office before people come into the office and put 2 and 2 together. So he hurries her down and puts her in a Taxi with sweet promises to see her soon. The lady is penniless and so he hands her a 100 Rupee note for the fare. Mr. Dude in a reassuringly hurried, romantic tone tells her, "Keep the change". Let us not get into how stunned and insulted the girl felt, but our Mr. Dude didn't realise his gaffe until he reached his desk. That's when it struck him that he had muttered something habitually reserved for cabbies when stuck with change.

sweet p Posted: Sun Oct 12 02:43:50 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'm sorry : (
I ain't got nothin to put down...


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