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Scary Stories
Mesh Posted: Thu Oct 30 18:07:34 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  The Five newest threads thing is back on my screen, cool!!!

But anyway, it being hallowween time, i thought it might be fun to share "scary" stories. Maybe something made up, maybe an old legend from your area, or maybe some thing that actually did to happen to you:)

Oh, and BOOOO!!!!! Scared you, didnt I:)

Kira Posted: Thu Oct 30 19:43:59 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Once upon a time, I told a scary story to two nine-year-old girls, and they got SO scared, that they made me play Barbies with them all night long.

Scary ne? *Shudders*

Mesh Posted: Thu Oct 30 22:08:01 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Sailovzi said:
>Once upon a time, I told a scary story to two nine-year-old girls, and they got SO scared, that they made me play Barbies with them all night long.
>Scary ne? *Shudders*

ughhhhhh, NOT BARBIES!!!!!!!

iggy Posted: Fri Oct 31 03:07:42 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  one night when i went out to the pub i thought i saw king thong i his star spangled thong doing the chihuahua dance

iggy Posted: Fri Oct 31 03:39:41 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  this is sort of the urban legend of singapore. but the strange thing is that the army trainings are usually cut on thursdays cos the malays here believe that on thursays (or kharmis in malay) is the day of the week where paranormal activies is at it's height.

the bravo boy.

bravo company held their night training on pulau tekong (an entire island in singapore used for military purposes) and the bravo boys were supposed to do a walk about in the jungles of the island.

so the Company went for route march
in one of the platoon that went for field training, one of the recruits went to see a doctor that morning and so wasn't in the strength counted for that morning. On that day after lunch, the sick recruit joined the company. The corporal however didn't know that and counted strength before moving out. He counted correctly and so moved off. Unbeknown to him there was actually one recruit missing, but the sick recruit arrival made up for the shortfall, and so the loss went unnoticed.

one of the recruits wandered off to pee during rest and did not rejoin the platoon.

Platoon did not do a head count before resuming route march and the Route march ended only to find one men missing Till at night when they had to return their weapons to the amoury, that they found one weapon missing, and so the missing recruit was realized.

On that night a massive search was carried out but they could not find that missing man.
after the fruitless search, the entire island was activated and search dogs and every soldier was out looking for the missing recruit.

in panic, the commander of the camp called a bomoh(a local malay witchdoctor/religious leader) was summoned and he conducted the rituals to locate the missing boy.

the bomoh told the commander that the boy was still alive but is caught by some presence that is stronger than his magic. they had to find the boy by the last light of the day or else he will be dead. with that the bomoh gave instruction on how to find the boy...

they had limited time to find him and by the time they found him they were too late...

the search party found the body where the bomoh said he will be. but that's not the scariest part...

his innards were laid out nicely before the body and the freakiest part was that it looked like the 'thing' was clawing its way from inside the body.

the story does not end here...

following that fateful night a company of men lost their way on Thursday night and though they try and try but still couldn't find their way out... Instead they ended at the same intersection - the tree where the boy was found.

Two commanders who scoffed the idea of no night training on Thursday left to stay outside. They were both found dead the next day. You guess it, at the same tree. One was lying on the ground, and the other was hanging high up on the tree. On both their faces were the look of extreme fear.... They were both frightened to death.

from that day onwards,
(1) there was no pork allowed to be consumed on thursdays as it was considered as disrespectful for the spirits especially the evil ones,

(2) no training after dusk on thursdays was ever allowed after that.

iggy Posted: Fri Oct 31 03:46:04 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i don't know how true this is, but the entire block of apartments is abandoned. drove past the apartment once and everytime i drive past it, i can sense something amiss.

bedok haunting
At Bedok (a suburb in Singapore ), there used to be a famous suicide case where by the boy mother threw her 3 year old sleeping child down the 25th floor. After which she fell to her death too. The police classified as as suicide and no foul play was suspected. The family had problems, lots of financial problem. The husband owed the loan shark lots of money, the family was breaking up. The father was seeing another woman and he wanted a divorce. The wife refused and hence they quarreled everyday.

What's more eerie was that at her death, she was wearing a bright red dress, which was her wedding gown. Although there was no suicide note, something weird she wrote on the wall would freak most of us out. She wrote "Its not over, darling" in Chinese with her OWN BLOOD!

But the truth is, she never did return at all. But someone else did! The husband wanted to sell the house but could not find a buyer, so in the end, his mistress move in and got married. After a few years, they got a boy, which was by then 3 year old. One day something spooky took place. Out of a sudden, the boy who was sleeping in the afternoon, suddenly started talking and laughing in the room. The maid went in to check but found the boy simply just smiling at the wall and said "kor kor" which means brother! The maid told the events to the parents that night but they simply said they he was playing by himself. That night, the son suddenly cried very loudly and run to his father and said that Kor Kor bullied him. The father simply scolded him and tell him not to make things up. That night, the boy refused to sleep in his room and hence the father got no choice but to let him sleep in his room. In the middle of the night, suddenly the boy's room was filled with loud banging of cupboards and loud cries of a child. The crying seemed oddly similar, thought the father, its as though it was his dead son. Scared, the father told his son to stay in the room while he and his wife check it out. But when they open the boy's room, nothing was found. Suddenly, their maid screamed! The parents rush back to the room only to find their son standing on the edge of the window. It is not know how the grilles have be pry open, but there he was, laughing and smiling, waving goodbye to them and said that he is flying with superman, his brother. One final flying kiss, and he leaped to the darkness. The mother and the maid fainted.

The next day, the police swarmed the place once again for investigation. The father was kind of lunatic at the point of time, the mother was still too distraught to speak. On the walls of the parents room, something even more creepy awaits them. The words "This is for mommy" in Chinese was scribbled on the wall in black. The police has classified this case as unnatural death, not foul play was suspected again.

Till today, the unit is still vacant as neighbors would go around telling potential buyers about the history of the house. Rumor was that the night of the incident took place, it was the little boy 3 year old birthday (the one that was thrown down by his mother) anniversary. Many neighbors that night could hear strange eerie sounds of a woman crying softly.

Many years have past, till today, the present, many people could still hear a boy and a woman laughing in the middle of the night!!!

Mesh Posted: Fri Oct 31 17:16:08 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I have a couple of personal ones, not so much very scary or exciting, unless you were there.

First one is short. I was home alone when was i about 12 years old, and it was after dark, and i was gazing out my window. When i looked at the glare coming from the light in the hallway beaming onto the window, i saw the reflection of the hall way, the old bookcase, rocking chair, and wooden chest as I expect to see, but i also saw a human figure standing right in me doorway. I turned my head as fast as i could, but no one was there, i jump out of bed, run out to the hall, and no one is there. like i say, not too scary to hear about, but scary when it happened.

Then, in San Antonio Texas, just about a month ago, in southern san antonio at a railroad crossing. There is a legend of a school bus breaking down on the tracks many many years ago, and getting hit by a train, killing many children. The legend is that you park over the tracks, put your car in neutral and just sit. you keep your feet away from the gas and just sit. then your car start to roll across the tracks, but their is no slope or anything to make it roll. legend also says, that if you put baby powder, on the back bumper, after the car rolls over tracks, you look and will see little fingerprints and handprints all over the back bumper. Well, me an my sister and her boyfriend do this, and our car did indeed roll over the tracks. And there were what appereads to be finger and hand prints in the powder we put on the bumper.

A while back, on discovery channel, i had seen a special on ghost stories, and they got a Bexar county deputy sherriff to put powder on his bumper and try it for the cameras. it worked, and when they got out to look at bumper, there were what look like childrens fingers all over back of the bumper.

mat_j Posted: Sat Nov 1 20:31:26 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  There's a very similar hill in a small offshoot of my valley called Clydach, at the top of this valley there is a big ass old lake and a hill leading up to it, there are no legends as far as i know but if you put your car into neutral it rolls up hill. I used to do it all the time as when i was in school, it's asuch a freaky thing, the hill isn't that steep but it's definatly a hill and we've even bee on it in an eight seater minibus and the sucker went and rolled on right up the hill!

Mesh Posted: Sat Nov 1 23:08:27 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  mat_j said:
it's asuch a freaky thing

Hell yes it is!! and exciting


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