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Savvode Posted: Mon Nov 10 05:38:35 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Here's something I put together after watching Matrix Revolutions. I wrote it so that I could attach it to my CV whenever I was mailing it around to the agencies. Always helps to show them how your mind ticks. So here it goes -

I just saw Matrix Revolutions. As I stepped out of the theater with a satisfied feeling at the Triology's conclusion (expected a more brilliant ending from the Wachowski Borthers though), I observed the people's reaction as they filed out from the movie hall, and this is what I learnt from my observations.

Before I continue I have to point out that the world is divided in two distinct groups. One is the Matrix Crazies, and the second are the ones who consider the Matrix just as a movie. My observations are with regards to the second group of people.

<b>To Be Good Conclude With The Expected, To Be Brilliant Go For The Unimaginable</b>

Every viewer/listener conjures up a particular style of conclusion when a story is being narrated (note, not type but style). Almost everyone expected the Matrix to conclude with humans having the upper-hand, they did not expect an ending where the status-quo of power between the humans and machines remains unchanged. They felt let down with such a if I were to quote the viewers mindset - staid ending.

The more the viewers get time to ponder on a movie's incomplete plot, the more their expectations strengthen towards a particular style of conclusion. This an important factor that has to be considered when scripting movies like the Godfather, Star Wars, The Matrix and Lord of the Rings, and within this lies an important lesson for advertising in general, especially the genre of Teaser advertising.

If an agency or movie writer wants to surprise the viewers with the unexpected, then it better be brilliant. This was something that Terminator 3 achieved. For all its flaws, this was one movie with a climax, which the viewers hadn't imagined off. The Fevicol bus ad ended in a very surprising manner. Shock amused audiences with its <i>unimaginable</i> conclusion.

<b>The Superman Fight Culture Is For Clark Kent</b>

Watching Matrix Revolutions was a wonderful exercise in learning Positioning. The final fight scene which was supposed to make people go WOW! turned out to be a dampener. Why? The whole scene represented two supermen going at each other throats. The previous Matrix fight scenes made audiences exclaim, because they had something unique to offer. The Superman fight culture belongs to Clark Kent, the Impossibilities-bordering-on-possibilities fight culture belongs to Neo and Smith.

There were more lessons I learnt from The Matrix Triology, like 'Realise Your Brilliance, But Work Like An Underdog', but this is not the space for them. 'Every Thing That Begins Has An End', so does this article, which concludes here.

Brickbats and bouquets invited...


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