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Christophe C. - Begrafenis (20 Nov 2003)
Kira Posted: Thu Nov 20 14:22:41 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  That's beautiful, Christophe.

Mesh Posted: Thu Nov 20 14:39:56 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  That is very nice Christophe..... I think your creation from your heart is better than any quote.

mat_j Posted: Thu Nov 20 15:15:39 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Well done sir

FN Posted: Thu Nov 20 16:28:43 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  It's the best I could come up with right away.

I hate being forced into stuff like this.

Nobody asked me if I wanted to write something they just said I had to.

Nobody in my family knows I have written poetry before though so my mother was rather surprised.

libra Posted: Thu Nov 20 17:29:49 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  It really is beautiful, and it will mean so much coming from you.


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