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redundant redundancies
iggy Posted: Tue Dec 23 19:51:37 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  brain candy word play
redundant redundancies

1. The state of being redundant.
2. A superfluity; an excess.
3. Unnecessary repetition.

a unique, one-in-a-lifetime opportunity
absolutely essential
absolutely necessary
ACT test
advance forward
advance warning
affluent rich
always and forever
anonymous stranger
associate together
attach together
autobiography of my life
awful bad
bad trouble
basic fundamentals
begin to proceed
boiling hot
bunny rabbit
cash money
cease and desist
Chile pepper
circulated around
classic tradition
close proximity
closed fist
collaborate together with
combined together
complete monopoly
completely filled
component parts
continuing on
crimson red
dark night
delete out
down under
Each and every one of you
elevate up
end result
enter into
evil villain
exactly the same
falling down
famous celebrities
fellow colleagues
Fill in the empty blank
first of all
for your FYI
former graduate
free gift
full satisfaction
gather together
grand total
Greetings & Salutations
handwritten manuscript
HIV virus
hopes and aspirations
hygienic cleaning
I thought to myself
immortalized forever
individual person
inner core
jet plane
KFC chicken
kitty cat
last will and testament
LCD display
live audience
male son
marital spouse
merge together
more easier
my personal opinion
negative misfortune
new discovery
newborn baby
null and void
original founder
over and above
pair of twins
past experience
past tradition
Pie a la mode with ice cream
pizza pie
positive yes
previous history
print out
proposed plan
protective helmet
raise up
repeat again
revert back
rising above
RSVP, please
safe sanctuary
Scotch Whisky
sharp point
sink down
small speck
solitary hermit
specific example
square box
sufficient enough
swampy marsh
temper tantrum
terrible tragedy
tiny bit
true fact
turning around
under cover
unique individual
unmarried old maid
useless and unnecessary
wall murals
whether or not
with au jus gravy
Xerox copy
young child
ABS braking system
academic scholar
added bonus
advance scout
affirmative yes
all inclusive
and etc.
ask a question
at this point in time
automatic ATM machine
baby calf
bare naked
beautiful vista to look out upon
boat marina
brief moment
burning hot
CAT test
Chicken Coq au Vin
chili con carne with meat
circle around
clam chowder soup
climb up
close scrutiny
cold frost
commence to begin
complete stop
completely unanimous
consensus of opinion
convicted felon
crystal clear
deja vu all over again
descend down
duplicate copy
elderly senior citizens
empty hole
empty space
ending outcome
essential necessity
exact replica
extreme hazard
false illusion
favorable approval
female daughter
final farewell
first priority
foreign imports
former veteran
freezing cold
future plans
good success
grateful thanks
growing greater
hanging down
honest truth
hot water heater
I remembered back
ice cold
income coming in
initially from the beginning
it's raining outside
join together
killed dead
knowledgeable experts
latex rubber
little baby
live witness
manually by hand
mental thought
money-saving coupon
More than unique--it's practically one of a kind!
near vicinity
New & Improved
new innovations
Not one single person
oral conversation
other alternatives
P.I.N. number
passing fad
past history
personal friend
Pizza Hut pizza
plait a braid
postponed until later
previously recorded
prior history
protective armor
puppy dog
refer back
return back
Rio Grande River
round circle
safe haven
SAT test
separate out
shrimp scampi
small child
soda pop
soup du jour of the day
spinning around
still remains
surrounded on all sides
tear apart
temporary reprieve
three triplets
toys and playthings
tuna fish
two twins
unexpected surprise
unmarried bachelor
unsolved mysteries
usual custom
V.I.N. number
wear upon
widow woman
written down
youthful teenager

mat_j Posted: Thu Dec 25 19:00:55 2003 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Killed Dead is my favourite, i'm not happy until the moths in my house ahve been killed dead by the heroic Paulo and his BB gun


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