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Writing Excercise
Aeon Posted: Tue Jan 13 15:21:21 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I did this for my Writing Poetry class in College.


I dance and fret on unfettered stage,
A thinker, a toiler, an uncomparable sage,
Still I am but a man with many faces to show,
To hide away from the eyes that invariably know,
I am still but a man in a god's wrinkled rags,
And inside the cloak a worn spirit still sags,
It reaches and teaches an odd mind how to act
When the rest of the world has pushed it on back
I dance and fret on the growing limelight,
Too worn out to question, too worn out to fight,

I am an actor and the world is my stage
The sun as a spotlight to keep me in line
The moon as the limelight that I long for to find
The wind as a sound effect of a different age
My mask makes a frown and it fades with time
But I know that I'll make another one to show you
I'll make one as glorious as King Tut's lost tomb
And together we'll chat over sifters of wine
My act is my obfuscation of the undeniable truth
I am a ronin, outcast, pariah of my own kind
Still I search for the limelight that I long to find
And this actor who dances today has all but fooled you

It may take a few minutes to get into character
I'll need motivation, inspiration and time to prepare
But eventually I'll have it and I'll come from the curtain
to play the golden boy, the forgotten one, the perfect son
I am but a paper mache Jesus, at best an aluminum Muhammed
And the authority places its trust in me to keep the peace
To do my job and do it well
I mask myself through sarcasm and hide behind false cynicism
When at truth I am a romantic at heart
How long must I dance for you, you cold steel messiah?
How long must I be a slave to the golden rule of Mammon?

choke Posted: Tue Jan 13 17:31:14 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  mammon... i like it


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