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New cure for Cancer
iggy Posted: Wed Feb 4 03:30:26 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Cure for cancer: 72 hrs of sex!

LONDON: Jack Bailey certainly doesn't beat about the bush, especially when it comes to sex !

"That's the problem with westerners," sighs Jack, 61. "Mention sex and everyone has a problem with it. We are taught to think it's something dirty, so people put up barriers , but that's just society's conditioning," he said in an interview to The Mirror .

Most people on the council estate in Yate, near Bristol, know him as a dishevelled looking man. But to his many devotees around the world he is a leading tantric sex guru, who claims he "heals" women of terminal diseases such as cancer by sleeping with them.

Apparently, it's difficult to believe that he has slept with around 2,000 women in a "career" spanning 40 years.

"People think I do this for pleasure. But I am not in this for the sex," he says, indignantly. "I sleep with women that other men would rather die than touch. They are middle-aged, often overweight and the least desirable, one was 25 stone and cross-eyed.

"They are not young women in short skirts. People believe it's an excuse for sex, but it's always a sacred and spiritual thing."

Amazingly, his wife Claire puts up with it all. Looking far younger than her 43 years, it's hard to believe she's a mother of seven or that she fell for Jack, who is 18 years her senior.

They got talking during coffee breaks, and Jack stunned Claire when he "He was spot on," she says. "I had suffered from bulimia for 10 years and was still throwing up after every meal and taking handfuls of laxatives a day. Then he said, 'I can heal you'. I thought, 'Oh yeah?' and asked him how. He said, 'By going to bed with you'. I was so shocked I wouldn't talk to him for three weeks.

"Afterwards I couldn't get enough of Jack. We were having sex several times a day and every night . I began having orgasms through penetrative sex, which had never happened before.

"We had one session when my children were away that lasted from Friday night to Monday morning. We'd go for an hour and half with 15-minute breaks in between. But over the next six weeks I was healed," she said.

Men in the west have been brought up to believe they can't go on as long as women. But a tantric practitioner can have 10 orgasms one after another. It's not uncommon to have a nine-day tantric session.

Jack's theory about tantric sex is that it is nothing to do with lust and all about using sexual energy to achieve your desires.

"I am always up-front about sex," he says. "I'm not embarrassed about it. People don't associate healing with sex, but this has been a method for years in the East. Meditation evolved through sex it's the point when your mind stops and you become free.

He claims he learned his craft after spending time in Tibetan monasteries as a child with his Anglo-Tibetan grandfather and he has been a spiritual advisor to celebrities including Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

But he has problems with jealous husbands, especially in India where he needs 20 policemen to protect him from Hindu fundamentalists when he visits Delhi and Mumbai.


a career switch anyone?

antartica Posted: Wed Feb 4 04:34:51 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  chanz said:
>a career switch anyone?

where do i apply?

marsteller Posted: Wed Feb 4 10:27:44 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  antartica said:
>where do i apply?

yeah, count me in too....where's all the fat old sick bitches at?

mat_j Posted: Sat Feb 7 09:12:57 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  marsteller said:
>antartica said:
>>where do i apply?
>yeah, count me in too....where's all the fat old sick bitches at?

dude fat old sick bitches is not an acceptable term, visually challenging please


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