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A few Quirks of the Internet
Adrian Posted: Wed Feb 11 15:47:04 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I was just thinking to myself yesterday, about my first time in a chatroom, I doubt I shall ever forget it. I remember chatting to a girl form Dublin, things were going fine and I really felt we were connecting, then came the "QUESTION".

"Do you have MSN?"


The look of pleasure turned to sheer horror and shock,

Fucking Jesus, MSN, thought I, I'm just after coming out of a dry patch , the last thing I needed was another bloody S.T.D.

In a frantic state, I killed hte conversation and made haste to the doctors office, now my doctor was an elderly chap if I may paint a picture for you, a simple doctorn neigh man of simple ways. And thus I nervously and cautiously began to explain what I thought was wrong, "downstairs, a-hem" ya know. Until it came to the point I had to utter the words, "MSN"...

"MMR, Jeasus*, you must need the MMR"

Whilst trying to explain the root of the supposed problem I got filled to the Knob of my gullet with every injecton he could find to solve the problem and left with what felt like a fucking live frog up my arse*, what he jokingly called "the internet package!"

O.K. so you know that didn't really happen but there's a point and I'm coming to it, after one slight observation, I was on a chat-room yesterday, and found my self absolutely overcome with people who had tropical disease's, they seemed to weave it in and out of the most obscure conversation, l.o.l. l.m.a.o. and a deadly one l.m.f.a.o.

Then of course I realised that this was actually a term for laughter, but what was funny, I arrived at the concluesion that either every one in the chat-room was a semi-professional comedian or high as a fucking Kite, but there you go.

Coming to the oint, if indeed there is one I'll leave for you to decide. What is the fucking deal with abbreviations, I feel like we're begining to lose our language, I feel more and more ignorant everytime, I go to send a text Message an so-on. What is the rush, the written word should be a beautiful thing at least it was. As one final note to tha I looked up MSN in the dictionary, I found it under abrev.

Adrian Posted: Wed Feb 11 15:48:38 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  *Irish Idiom (don't start me!)

FN Posted: Wed Feb 11 15:58:48 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  There are a lot of abbreviations, but so what.

Be cautious with media-hypted mass-hysteria stuff like this.

I have been fed some texts about this subject as well.

Have you forgotten any words because of the fact the you sometimes use abbreviations?

Language changes all the time, how it is said doesn't matter, what it means does.

libra Posted: Wed Feb 11 16:38:32 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  just think, someday linguistic anthropologists will be studying our chat room language in order to see our culture better. They will be wondering what the hell rotflmao or pos means.


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