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Weird News
dan632 Posted: Fri Mar 19 00:33:39 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  MONTPELLIER, France - A French artist allegedly traumatized by last week's Spain bombings was convicted of trying to run over a pedestrian he mistook for Osama bin Laden and ordered to pay the man $615. The 35-year-old defendant, identified as Pierre, was sentenced Tuesday by a court in this southern France city to a three-month suspended prison term. The man he tried to run over was unharmed. Pierre's lawyer, David Mendel, said his client was the “victim of a hallucination” while driving Monday through Montpellier's historic center. The intended target, a man in his 30s, was able to run from the oncoming car, which crashed along the side of a street. “If it was (bin Laden), we would have won $5 million,” Mendel said, referring to a reward. The Madrid train bombings, which killed 201 people, increasingly appear to have been orchestrated by Islamic extremists with links to bin Laden's al Qaeda terror network.

marsteller Posted: Fri Mar 19 01:41:08 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  weird news indeed. silly french bastard.

dan632 Posted: Fri Mar 19 01:51:20 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Mom Jailed For Giving Daughter Cocaine

A California woman was arrested on Saturday afternoon on charges of child abuse. Janet Cramsley of Chula Vista was arrested for forcing her 12 year old daughter to use cocaine.

The 12 year olds father, Christof Cramsley, explained that his wife wasn't abusing their daughter, but instead was giving her a lesson in life. "Heather had some friends over and they snuck a couple of beers to her room. Well my old lady walked in on them drinking the beers and wanted to show her that alcohol is a gate way drug to worse things like cocaine which derives from the cocaine leaf of Columbia and other areas of the world, and that if she starts drinking beer she'll end up using cocaine." Mr. Cramsley went on to explain that his wife use to be an exotic dancer and knows the downfall of cocaine addiction and didn't want her daughter to "get hooked on the sugar that isn't sugar, but looks like it could be sugar".

In a statement given to the courts, Janet Cramsley pleaded to the judge that "I only broke up three lines and showed my daughter how to snort the blow correctly, and she only did two of the three and didn't want anymore, so I did a good thing, not a bad thing because she knows that coke will make your body sick". This plea didn't work, and Mrs. Cramsley will be sentenced later this month.

To all of you people out there that are complete idiots: Please, please, please, if you're stupid, even a little stupid, do not have any children. When you have sex, use a condom, and when you get married to someone just as dumb as you are, please have a vasectomy, or get your tubes tied, or just remove your penis altogether. Just do not have children.


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