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The Drive Home
Aeon Posted: Tue Mar 23 15:17:03 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Three crows fly across my path.
They fly toward a building.
As one perches atop the spire,
it caws at the waning light.
A lone brown leaf tumbles, topples,
in front of me.
It falls to the ground, scraping
and stopping as it hits the curb.
Headlights rush by, bright ghosts
screaming in the night.
I daydream about a future
that will never come,
married to the dream of a love
I will never find.
I am fluent in silence,
and I am alone.

sweet p Posted: Tue Mar 23 15:32:05 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I like the feel of this poem, Aeon.
I was initially more attracted to the title than the poem but then I decided to read it made me fairly sad.

FN Posted: Tue Mar 23 15:36:17 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I have been playing with exactly the same images for a while as well, but you beat me to it :o)

Nice work.

Aeon Posted: Tue Mar 23 18:10:39 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I like the title as well. It was gonna be a band name but I decided to use it for the title of this poem.

libra Posted: Tue Mar 23 18:19:27 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  that'd be a good band name too...i could definitely see it...

mat_j Posted: Tue Mar 23 20:13:24 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  It's good, it conjures up the loneliness really well

misszero Posted: Wed Mar 24 08:09:26 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  it'd have to be an emo band though.

you know the crow thing, right?

1 for sorrow
2 for joy
3 for girls
4 for boys
5 for silver
6 for gold and
7 for a secret never to be told.


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