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Soundtrack of Your Life
iggy Posted: Sun Mar 28 15:31:34 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  another forgotten old thread :)

go on have fun... compile a soundtrack of your life :)

and if possible,
give reasons why did u choose those songs?
like thoughts and feelings and reasons you'll find on an album's sleeve or something like that.

and what would the album's cover and design and title be?

mat_j Posted: Sun Mar 28 17:16:50 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Dang this is hard

lethal_poppy Posted: Sun Mar 28 22:04:54 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Girl from Ipanema
hmmm....Because I AM the girl from ipanema??! Muahhahahah!!! Such narcissm! LOL! hmm.. real reason.. mebbe cos i'm a beach sorta person? Dammit... I can smell the sun, the sand and the sea and the sun tan oils already! I wanna go to the beach!!!! :)

iggy Posted: Mon Mar 29 00:07:22 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  hard isn't it?

this was mine 2 years back. (taken from the archives haha.)

i'm trying to compile one 2 years down the road...

1)merry christmas, mr lawrence 0 ryuchi sakamoto
this song never fails to bring back a lot of memories which i try to suppress everytime i play it. sigh
2) world in my eyes - (depeche mode) btut i prefer the cover by the cure.
"let me take you on a trip... around the world and back, and you wont have to move you just sit still...
let me show u the world in my eyes" *grin* i guess ha says it all
3) sadness - enigma (violent remix by NIN)
order vs chaos. this song has a nice blend of it. well this goes on in my head every single second.
4) waiting for the night - portishead
even though i'm a beach bum. but i prefer the night. the night brings out what the day hides... :)
5) gabriel - lamb
6) gorecki - lamb
i just love lamb. these two songs well... meant something to me.
7) kiss the rain - billy myers
the lyrics just means a lot :)
8) save me - aimee man.
when i saw this scene in magnolia when this song is played... that was how i felt. it was one of the most powerful scenes from a movie and i can actually feel that the characters was going throught what i was going through.
9) ode to the lonely heart - sugar ray.
'nuff said ~lol. it's such a surf band ... i used to drive up to the beach for my surfing sessions with sugar ray playing at top volume...
10) at the river - groove armada.
well. the second time we broke up (yes second ~LOL) i spent many nights alone at the beach, and this helped to sooth the pain.
11) loving each day - ronan keating
the title says it all :)
12) try to remember - brothers four.
an oldie. i call this my memory invoker :)
13) the rainbow connection.
someday we'll find it :)
a favourtie song from my chidhood days
14) superman - five for fighting.
people sometimes see me as happy-go-lucky and all. and it surprises them that i do hurt. well. i'm only human *grin*
15) lex aeterna - kronos quartet.
(track 32 of requiem for a dream OST)
listen to it. just listen to this song. :) and you'll know why...
16) a plain morning - dashboard confessional
reminds me of a lot of things and how i felt back then...
17) do what you have to do - sarah mclachlan.
again the song and lyrics. what i go through every night
18) someday we know - new radicals.
yes, someday i'll know....

DaveHill Posted: Mon Mar 29 02:34:55 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hard to say.
Probably a mix of songs by Sophia, Nada Surf, Thursday, Glassjaw, Coldplay, Radiohead, Starsailor, Bush, Nirvana, Oceansize, Elbow, blablablabla.
Don't know really. Really depends on the mood i'm in. (not that i have such violent moodswings, but sometimes things just happen...)

Adrian Posted: Mon Mar 29 07:41:24 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Manic Street Preachers - If You Tolerate This
Manic Street Preachers - The Everlasting
Manic Street Preacgers - Sleepflower
MetallicA - Fade To Black
MetallicA - The Unforgiven
The Clash - I Fought The Law
Queen - I Want It All
Dire Straights - Brothers In Arms
AC/DC - Thunderstruck
AC/DC - Highway To Hell
Bryan Adams - Everything I Do
Poision - Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Credance Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son
The Sultans Of Ping - Where's Me Jumper
Courtesy Of A Dying Friend - The Lonely Road
Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright
Radiohead - Creep
The Pixies - Where is My Mind
Led Zepplin - Kashmir
Nirvana - Breed
Smashing Pumpkins - An Ode To No One(Fuck You)

Can't think of ant more at moment, apart from everything else by the Manic Street Preachers and a few more by Courtesy Of A Dying Friend, that's knida my little project.

mat_j Posted: Tue Mar 30 07:32:09 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Adrian said:

>The Sultans Of Ping - Where's Me Jumper

What a song!!!

mat_j Posted: Tue Mar 30 07:43:06 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Simon and Garfunkel- the boxer
Lynyrd Skynyrd- Free Bird
Sawdoctors- N17
Bob Dylan- Positively 4th street
Bob Dylan- One more cup of Coffee
Talking Heads- Psycho Killer
Bob Dylan- Isis
u2- Kite
Tupac- To live and die in LA
Bruce Springsteen- The River
Elvis Presley- Viva Las Vegas
Pantera- Walk
Wu-Tang Clan- Da mystery of da chessboxin'
Violent Femmes- American Music
violent Femmes- Blsiter in the sun
Johnny Cash- The man in black
The Smiths- Panic
Paul Simon- You can call me al
Shane MacGowana nd the Popes- The Song with no name
Pavement- And Carrot Rope
LAzlo Bane- Superman
Country Joe McDonald- Vietnam song
Tom Waits- Misery si the river of the world
Aimee Mann- Save me
Joy Division- Love Will tear us apart
Thom Yorke and Drugstore- El Presidente
The Doors- The end
The Pogues- Body of an American
the Pogues- Rain St.
The Pogues- Thousands are sailing
The Pogues- Fairytale of New York
Metallica- Whiskey in the jar
Damien Rice- Volcano
Nas- Nas is like
Death in Vegas- Girls
Jesus and Mary Chain- Just like Honey
The steve Miller band- the joker
Richard Cheese- Buddy holly
The Beatles- Norweigan wood

iggy Posted: Tue Mar 30 11:39:45 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Gaining through losing – Ken Hirai
A question of lust – depeche mode
Save me – Aimee Mann
All I want – Toad and the wet sprockets
River – Joni Mitchell
And when she danced – Marilyn Martin & David Foster
Blue moon – David Tao
No ordinary morning – Chicane
Sailing – Christopher Cross
World in my eye – The Cure (cover of Depeche Mode)
Do what you have to do – Sarah McLachren
Downtown train – Tom Waites, Everything but the Girl
Every me every you – Placebo
24 hours – Joy Division
Fuckin’ Wasted – Adam Sandler
Iris – Goo goo dolls
Gorecki – Lamb
Hedonism – Skunk Anasie
Inside wants out – John Mayer
No such thing – John Mayer
Rainbow connection – Kermit the frog
You and I both –Jason Mraz
Hurt – Nine inch nails
I can’t make you love me – George Micheal
Freedom – Rage against the machine
Eat my dust, you insensitive fuck – Catherine Wheel
Learning to breathe – Switchfoot
Never gonna come back down – BT
No Aphrodisiac – The Whitlams
Only happy when it rains – Garbage
Pictures of you – The Cure
Protection – Massive Attack
In defense of reality – Shelter
Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence – Ryuchi Sakamoto
Walking in my shoes – Depeche Mode
Turn back the clock – Johnny hates jazz
Six underground – Sneaker Pimps
Take away my pain – Korn
Unwell – Matchbox 20
Stuck in a moment you can’t get out of – U2
Staring at the sun – U2
Sunrays and Saturdays – Vertical horizon
When thugs cry – Tupac
Don’t Cry – Naked
Kaiowas – Sepultura
Refuse/Resist – Sepultura
Otherside – Red hot chilli peppers
Do the Evoluntion – Pearl Jam
lex aeterna - kronos quartet.

antartica Posted: Tue Mar 30 15:13:12 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  superman - five for fighting
3am )acoustic piano ver) - matchbox 20
unwell - matchbox 20
everybody hurts - REM
i'm so tired - beatles
nina - cityhunter ost
merry christmas mr lawrence - ryuichi sakamoto
yesterday - beatles
imagine - john lennon (WTC tribute mix, i nearly cried listening to it the first time)
sound of silence - simon and garfunkle
i am a rock - s n g
breathe - midge ure
angels - robbie williams ( i know it's real commercial but love the words)
angel - saran maclachan
with or without you - U2
creep - radiohead
bullet proof (i wish i was) - radiohead
most of the songs from coldplay's Parachute album
can't take my eyes off you - manic street preachers (thanks JQ)
fly me to the moon - frank sinatra
beyond the sea - frank sinatra
sacrifice - elton john
every breath you take - sting
And when she danced – Marilyn Martin & David Foster
brothers in arms - dire straits

my album cover wld show a setting sun bleeding red over the fading horizon... with a single dolphin swimming alone... and the stars just barely dotting the eveing sky

mat_j Posted: Tue Mar 30 20:02:35 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  chanz said:
>another forgotten old thread :)
>go on have fun... compile a soundtrack of your life :)
>and if possible,
>give reasons why did u choose those songs?
>like thoughts and feelings and reasons you'll find on an album's sleeve or something like that.
>and what would the album's cover and design and title be?

I picked N17 by the sawdoctors because it's such a happy, whistful, travelling song and i'm always between two places on a trian and that's the perfect song for those occaisons.

Positively 4th st. by Bob Dylan because it's just a great alzy summer song for me, it's the kind of song i would ahve moved into one of my several hosues listening to.

Kite U2- Just a great sad song that's also kind of uplifting

Mystery of da Chessboxin by the Wu tang clan- know it off by heart used to sing it all the time with Lee back when we lived in number 47

Blister in the sun- Violent Femmes- Me and Peter used to have great fun with this in parties, him strumming away and me singing at the top of my lungs

Johnny Cash, the man in black_ I feel like johnny sometimes

Paul Simon- you can call me al- Timeless syntheiser enhanced classic cant stop thinking of Chevy chase

Shane MacGowan and the Popes the Song with no name- makes me think of Cath and how bad i have been to past girlfriends

Pavement- And carrot rope- Such a sunny happy melody

Vitetnam song- Remind me of when we first started getting to know tim and his buddies last year before we made the Zombie movie

All the Pogues songs- for happy times living in no. 45

Norweigan Wood- for eluding me until i got Kazaa, and being the best beatles song in the world, also makes me think of the book by Murakami

If i could name the album it would have to be Walk cause of the legendary (but rubbish) album i wrote in the last year of high school.

The cover would have a snow covered field and footprints leading off onto the horizon with a blue sky ahead or..

It would be me and the guys dressed as old men sitting at Dempseys bar drinking and smoking.

DaveHill Posted: Wed Mar 31 02:39:37 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  mara said:
>DaveHill said:
>>Hard to say.
>>Probably a mix of songs by Sophia, Nada Surf, Thursday, Glassjaw, Coldplay, Radiohead, Starsailor, Bush, Nirvana, Oceansize, Elbow, blablablabla.
>>Don't know really. Really depends on the mood i'm in. (not that i have such violent moodswings, but sometimes things just happen...)
>I noticed you really like Thursday...As do I, you should cheak out the pics of when I saw them...

So you were the one keeping them away from Europe so long! Finally gonna see them May 14th, supported by Aerogramme. *bouncybouncy* If the show's as good/energetic as your pics promise, i'll (again) be wasted when i try to get back home...


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