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Simpleman Journals. BeachBoys Forever Redux
iggy Posted: Thu Sep 2 06:50:30 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I went driving with my best mates the other night. Just aimless driving for a few hours.
Stopping by to have coffee and all and then driving off again.

It's something that we haven't done before in a while.

Since one is working overseas and i'm gonna go off travelling for work... this is something which will be rare in a while.

and this are the things that i will remember for life... giving that my memory is failing me these days due to my medication.

That's all there is to please the three of us. Simple pleasures.

I realised there and then, that I don't want to have a flashy apartment decorated with great furniture and electronic gadgets smack in the middle of the city, neither do I want a Ferrari 360 Modena. (ok, I'm lying, so sue me. Lol)

Honestly, I wouldn't mind doing that for the rest of my life. Just face the ocean, enjoy the rest of my life on the beach. Maybe run my little cafe and pub at the beach front, catch a surf in the morning and evening. And chill out with my best mates at our little pub or our deck of our beach hut by the sea. We're probably die of skin cancer one day but who cares.

The three of us have a dream. A dream of maybe the impossible. A dream that keeps us going through the mediocrity of everyday life. A dream that will probably end up with us hitting the projection screen again. But I know somehow, somewhere inside of me that it's going to happen. Maybe I'm a dreamer. Maybe I love to think of the impossible. But this dream is easier to realise than most dreams people have.

Especially now... i've lost myself for 3 years trying to fulfill the family responsibility and i lost myself...
i became a different person... and i lost the passion... and just became nothing.

but these days i'm finding the old me back again.
the person which many have not seen for a while... and some never seen before.

like my best mate, ian (or ant) said.
"welcome back, brah... i've never seen you for a long while now"

i'm pursing my dreams now. three in fact.
one's my work... i'm back at what i do best but i'm learning from scratch.
the second, is who i've lost so many years back. someone who's carefree ... and finding someone new in return... a chanz who's without his inner demons or anger...

the third... well. if God willing...

Now, my two mates say that they're never gonna get married. Not for me. Even if I am cynical or hurt too many a times by relationships. My longing for the time where I find that special person is like my longing for my beach hut. Finding the partner that wouldn't mind fishing, surfing, picking coconuts and running a little quaint pub would be a problem.

I'm straying here now aren't I. I apologise for it. Laugh.

The three of us are considered social freaks in Singapore, where people are too concerned about making money, climbing the social ladder, chasing after that Singaporean dream. But at the end of the day, what do they have? Some wise fool said that life is lonely at the top. And I hate being lonely.

They see us as being too simple, too naive, crazy even. But I can tell you, the three of us are more sober, more realistic than most people out there. We know what we want, we strive for it. And someday when we realise our dream, We can take a picture of our paradise, make this huge blow up poster of us at our paradise with us waving our middle fingers with the biggest grins on our faces and huge letters that read," HERE"S TO Y'ALL YOU STUPID SHEEP!" and put it smack in the middle of Singapore city. While those social climbers are toiling everyday in their monkey suits, ass-kissing their bosses; we're at this little stretch of beach somewhere enjoying an ice cold beer, kicking back and enjoying the sea breeze. At least we found our paradise and we're living and doing what we love.

So my brothers, if you ever read this. Follow your hearts, follow your desire. We'd find the realm of our souls.

I don't know how long I'm gonna take, but you can bet your ass that I'll be waiting at the beach hut for you guys.

And oh, to you. The special you.
I've found you once... and i wish to find you again in this lifetime. but no matter how long it takes for us to find ourselves, you will always be greeted with the biggest smile and the warmest hug if you find me at my paradise.

So till then.

antartica Posted: Thu Sep 2 10:11:53 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  

CorDrine Posted: Fri Sep 3 00:45:52 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I like the way you put it: "They see us as being too simple, too naive, crazy even. But I can tell you, the three of us are more sober, more realistic than most people out there. We know what we want, we strive for it."

Just like that adidas ad, “crazy”, like “impossible”, is just an opinion. To me, society was the crazy one, and that's my opinion.

They told me that I was crazy, to go to a foreign country after just learning the language for 4 months. I went anyway. How could one miss up a chance of a life time like that? And that is how I found my foster family in Japan. Without being crazy, they would never be a part of my life. Without being crazy, I would never have known how beautiful Japan was, and how beautiful their people were. This year, I did that crazy thing again, I went back and backpack to 4 cities and 2 towns in Japan in a span of 13 days. Crazy was worth the money, time and energy I give it. It’s about living my dream, and owing no one any explanation for it.

They told me that I was crazy, to break up my previous relationship of 2.5 years. But I just couldn't understand how someone would rather work, earn money, get that raise, get that promotion, then to spend time with the people they love. To waste my time away in a relationship like that, I thought society were the ones that was crazy, wanting me to stay just because of wasted time. I would rather waste those 2.5 years, then waste my remaining lifetime away with someone like that.

They told me that I was crazy…To take up a sport girls don’t normally play. I excel in it enough to keep their mouth shut, and to assured myself that I can take up any bloody sports I like for all I care.

They told me that I was crazy… to do a thesis that was not in my scope of studies. Heck who gives a damn what they say! I’ve paid my school fee! I study what the hell I want! I graduated and found my current job due to that thesis. While other struggled to get a job in the market at that time, I had one waiting for me when I took my final exams. So who’s the crazy one then?

They told me that I was crazy…when I took a maximum period to pay back my study loan. They say the yearly interest was a waste of my money. I agree with them logically and economically. But something inside of me knows that 10 years of youth, cannot be calculated and compared with 10 years of interest rate. So I went ahead and took the maximum period anyway. I may pay a higher interest, but I get to live my life freer, without wasting my youth away. Half way thru, I can always decide to pay off my loan when I have a lump of money just sitting there.

And just recently, they told me that I was crazy… to get married to someone I’ve only been dating for 6 months. To throw my savings away for a home near the beach. You know what? People don’t always know what’s best for an individual. And dating for years does not equal happily ever after either. Its the feel good factor, and passion that needs to exists in a relationship to make two person right for each other. So I’m going to marry him anyway and build our dream by the beach, crazy as it may sound :)

It’s not easy being crazy and living your dream. Sometimes I feel that people say I am crazy because I dare to do the things they hesitate to do. To be able to break free from norms that binds them. They wanted me to be just like them. By telling me that I am crazy, maybe I won’t have the courage to do all those things they wanted to do.

Sometimes, I do listen to them. I do get influence by them.
What if I was wrong?
What if I made a mistake?
What if they were right?

But something inside of me, would never be happy if I didn’t at least give it a try. How would they know I would fail? It was an unfair statement to make, when you say someone is crazy for following their heart. Crazy is just an opinion. If your opinion differs from society, then you decide what is best for you, not them.


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