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tattoo's again, this time i need help
antartica Posted: Sun Sep 5 04:50:25 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  am thinking of getting a rune bracelt spelling "family"

any one of you have more insight on runes?
all i reali know about it is that there are many superstitions surrounding it amongst other things...

lemme know before i put ink under skin with this....

TwoPillows Posted: Mon Sep 6 19:11:13 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  they can be powerful, i guess. the gateway rune and stuff carved on doorways can open portals and shit. but, you know, this is just superstition stuff. but kudos for being cautious.

antartica Posted: Mon Sep 6 22:08:56 2004 Post | Quote in Reply  
  yea i know tts y i wanted to ask if anyone here knew anything more before i did anything real silly

i dunno.. i suppose i'm not gonna put it on for any other reason than for the love of the "FAMILY" so can't be too bad

gonna head down to the studio to chat with my artist about the design this afternoon =)


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