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simpleman journals. the saddest goodbye
iggy Posted: Mon Apr 4 03:05:00 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  the simpleman journals.
the saddest goodbye.

i don't know about everyone else...
but the saddest image that i've ever seen are goodbyes.

how does one say goodbye to someone they care about?

today my sis said her goodbyes to her puppy... they're pretty much inseperable , but due to her husband's overseas posting and the problems of shipping the dog over, they have to be seperated for 2 years.

2 years...
to me, that is a sad fact for both of them.

so this morning, i saw my sis bid goodbye to her precious child... and it was a heartbreaking moment to witness it.

she was sitting there, hugging the little fella, him with the saddest eyes... and my sister's tear stained face. both of them in the little corner sharing what would be their last private time for a long time.

to many people, i guess it's something they can't relate to unless you have a pet who's become part of your life.

i know how it feels cos i said my goodbyes to my little companion a long time back.

and it's a scene where i thought i would never witness till this morning.

which is why i hate the airport... i hate goodbyes.

i've said so many goodbyes to people that meant so much to me, and never to have them entering my life again.

i remembered one of my goodbyes at the airport so many memories ago... with a girl that i can't be with due to many reasons.
to be tortured by a reality that i screwed up so badly for the longest time.
to hear the words, "why stay then? there's nothing holding me back..."

there's never a good in a bye...
and i still hate sending people off at the airport. and i hate people sending me off.

i hate to say goodbye or bye or farewell.

which explains why i always say 'later'... and why i hate to wave farewell to people or to face or look at people walking away from me.

there is never any good in byes...

and here i am, sitting in my office trying to concentrate on my work while another image of farewells gets implanted in my head to haunt me for a while...

beetlebum Posted: Mon Apr 4 09:15:11 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  This post made me so sad. I can totally relate-- I feel like I'm always saying good bye to someone and it really hurts sometimes.

This time when I leave the States for England I won't be coming back for 9 months. I know that isn't a long time, but it feels like it is... especially not seeing family and friends (and my dog and cats) for that long. Sigh.

breeze Posted: Mon Apr 4 11:24:08 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I can totally relate to this one.. throughout my hopping around from one continent to another, it was goodbyes I hated the most... knowing that maybe you will never see this person again who became such a huge and important part of your life really hurts...

that's why I hate airports.. they create mixed feelings in me. On one side you're excited to go to a new place, on the other hand, if it's a long journey I hate saying goodbyes.. you're right, there's nothing good in byes =(


jennemmer Posted: Mon Apr 4 12:39:29 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Goodbyes are rough, but what's worse is that they taint the time leading up to them, too. At the end of the month, my best friend and lab partner, someone I've known since we were 10, is moving to Germany and I will be moving down to Chicago again.

My move to Chicago is still somewhat temporary and there is still a lot tying me here as all my family is still here and my boyfriend is here for at least another year as well. For my friend though, he has nothing to bring him back. His family moved away a few years ago and most of the rest of his friends are, like me, dispersing to the 4 winds.

So essentially I get to spend April trying to prepare myself to spend 4 months apart from my boyfriend and to say goodbye to my best friend until we see each other next, not knowing when that might possibly be.

Goodbyes suck. I think they are what I hate most about having to grow up.

addi Posted: Mon Apr 4 12:55:14 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  jennemmer said:

>Goodbyes suck. I think they are what I hate most about having to grow up.

Bad news...they continue, and still suck just as bad even after you've grown up.

Or so i've heard. I'm not quite grown up yet.

antartica Posted: Mon Apr 4 13:35:50 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  hugs Brah...
bring ya mutt out aye =)

iggy Posted: Tue Apr 5 07:13:05 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  

i was hanging out with the dog last night.
and the strange thing is, that i know how he feels.

he was waiting by the door for an owner who's not coming home for the next 2 years, and he woke up still hoping that maybe today she'd return.

i observed him for the entire night... going around the house... sniffing everywhere, in hope of getting more than just a whiff of my sis.

it was pretty heartbreaking.
and i couldn't leave him alone when i went to work this morning.

so here he is, resting by my side while i do my work.

he's constantly looking at the entrance... hoping that by some strange luck, that my sis will walk in.

how strange to see this scene from another point of view...
because i have been waiting, like him, for an owner to come home.

i've almost given up... almost.

which is why i'm so attached to the little fella now.

i know how it feels.
i know how sad it can be...

but the fact is...

sometimes they forget about you.


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