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car wreck
Ed Posted: Sun May 1 01:35:07 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  *sigh* I drove my car into a ditch near my house, tonight. It looks fine except for the dirt and the, now, missing driver-side window. I got the valuable stuff out of it, walked home, called and texted my mom who won't be in town until tomorrow, sometime. Now, I shall sleep.

Any stories? (What did you wreck? How'd it happen? When was it?)

Mesh Posted: Sun May 1 02:09:09 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  When I was ten in the car with my unkle, not wearing my seatbelt. He rearended someone and I flew into the windshield. Had a concussion and dislocated jaw from it.

When I was fifteen crashed on my dirt bike. Got some pretty good cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

Asswipe Posted: Sun May 1 05:17:14 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  were you drunk?

i've no interesting car wrecks. i drive well.

dan632 Posted: Sun May 1 06:09:34 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  was riding shotgun, girl driving. she turned a corner in front of an oncoming car, i got a shattered jaw, concussion, shattered tooth severed tongue and lots of scars from it.

happened 7 months ago

Bzoso Posted: Sun May 1 06:38:03 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  dan632 said:
>was riding shotgun, girl driving. she turned a corner in front of an oncoming car, i got a shattered jaw, concussion, shattered tooth severed tongue and lots of scars from it.
>happened 7 months ago


two weeks ago, and listen to this shit will you, im coming home from a poker game saturday night, and up ahead in the road, i see two burning cars.

I pull up, get out to take a gander, and two cars are just fucking wrapped around eachother, theyre on fire and shit, bodies everywhere. Me and this girl really didnt know what to do, the neighbors were running around calling the police and trying to pull this one guy out, so i just kinda stood there.

And i see this guy in one of those nascar looking jackets, with all the advertisements on them, and i just figure hes a redneck. and then the cops show up, they yell at us to run because the cars are going to blow, and everyone panics so im like fuck this and i leave.

So yeah, it was pretty crazy, and the next day on the news, i was watching the story on it, and it turns out that right after they crashed, the first guy to show up was a race car driver who had just come from a race or something, and was still wearing his flame resistant suit, so he was able to jump in and get them. HOW FUCKING CRAZY IS THAT SHIT.

I know, fucking crazy.

addi Posted: Sun May 1 08:53:47 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  glad you were able to walk away from it, ed.

The only car wreck I've caused in my many years of driving was when i was 15. My mom and I had driven to a house together to pick up a kitten. When we got back home we discovered it wasn't the sex we wanted, so I talked her into letting me drive back there to exchange it, even though i only had a driver's permit and wasn't legal to drive by myself. A smart person would have put the kitten a box, but I wasn't smart. I put it on the front seat of the car and took off. About half way there the kitten jumped on my lap while i was driving and proceeded to claw my crotch. so in deseration I'm looking down trying to unhook the cat's needle sharp claws from my privates...while I'm still driving. I remember looking back up to see where i was on the road just a fraction of a second before i plowed into a parked car. The owner just happened to be looking out his front picture window and witnessed the whole thing. He came rushing out of the house screaming obsenities at me. I totaled out our new Ford, but the stupid kitty was just fine.

I learned a valuable lesson from that nasty episode: Never let a puss near your crotch while you're behind the wheel.

Ed Posted: Sun May 1 10:24:50 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Thanks, Addi. Me too. If it had happened about 15 feet earlier, the car would be scrap and I probably would be too.

Still need it towed and checked out. I'm guessing that I'll be riding the bus to school on Monday. *sigh*

kurohyou Posted: Sun May 1 10:38:13 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Have had a number of accidents, mostly small fender benders, nothing too bad.

The worst wreck I've been in took place in 1997. I was up visiting my "friend" in Fort Collins, where she was going to school. We had had an evening of wandering around parks, visiting coffee shops and talking. Then, in the worst performance of my dating life, I attempted to kiss her, our first kiss. The aim was off and I missed her mouth, almost entirely, landing somewhere in the vicinity of the the right corner of her mouth. Recoiling in terror and embarassment we drove back to her dorm. I was driving a new car, a 1990 Mitshibishi Eclipse, white, very pretty, awesome car.

We were sitting at a stop light, me completly embarassed out of my mind at my lackluster kissing demonstration, when a drunk woman, who's name I still remember, came blaring up on us at, what the reports said was 40-45 miles an hour. Not attempting to apply the brakes, she slammed into the rear of us full force. Our car was slammed into the car in front of us and it into the car in front of it which ended up rolling into the intersection. I had been leaning forward to change the radio station and marveled at how hard the cloth seat was when I was slammed back into it and then thrown forward into the steering wheel, finally coming to rest, slumped over the centre console. My "friend" was thrown into the dash.

I coming to my senses, pissed, and ready to kill someone I got out of the car. The woman had destroyed her car. Part of her radiator was sitting on the ground behind my car, she had no head lights left, though the car was still running. My car had been hit so hard that it was sitting awkwardly on its frame, almost like the body had been shifted. The back in was smashed behond recognition, and the rear window was broke.

Seeing it was a woman I calmed down some. I couldn't whoop the shit out of a woman, even if she had wrecked my car, and made an already bad evening worse. I went to see if she was okay and she proceeded to backed the car up and drive off to the north, nearly hitting me and disappearing down the street. I went to get her plate and fell against my car, still a bit dizzy. The cops showed up as a matter of luck and reports were filed.

Apparently this woman had been drunk for a while and had ran into 4 other cars before getting to us, all told she wrecked 10 cars that night, including mine which ended up being totaled. The Police had to run her off the road to stop her. They didn't know she was drunk, they were stopping her for driving without headlights.

My "friend" and I started dating shortly after that, and we were married in 1999 . But I like to use the line at the end of the movie Speed. "you know relationships that start under tramatic circumstances never last..."

Glad you're okay Ed.

For what it's worth...

Cherry_Moon Posted: Sun May 1 17:47:42 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  poor ed.
i got in a car accident when i was 4 and my mom got whiplash

choke Posted: Sun May 1 17:56:01 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I was on the open road and there was a car behind me and a magpie in front of me and I had to hit it :( That's probably the worst thing I've ever done :P

innocenceNonus Posted: Sun May 1 18:37:25 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Bzoso said:
>I know, fucking crazy.

Extremely. That's one of those Surreal moments in life [is it just me or did that sound like a really bad reference to a really bad TV show? because i didn't mean for it to be a reference... really.] where you'll never forget it. CRAZY stuff.

innocenceNonus Posted: Sun May 1 18:39:36 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  These are some pretty crazy stories.

I've been lucky enough never to have been in an accident. Well, we had a blow out once. But that doesn't count.

libra Posted: Sun May 1 18:54:45 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I, stupidly, backed into a parked car once when i had just gotten my license. I don't really know how i did it to this day, but I screwed up the back of my car pretty badly.

When i was about 3 or 4 my dad was driving the car and I was in the back seat behind him. Two teenage girls ran a red light and slammed into the side of our car, luckily we were both alright.

lostlunchcard Posted: Sun May 1 19:06:56 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I have a horror story of my own...

I live in the Dallas area, but I was spending a few days in Austin with a bunch of girl friends who go to UT. It's the week of my birthday (Oct. 22), and I have to board a plane at 2pm Friday afternoon to Orlando for the PSP World Cup. I opted to give four girls a ride home Thursday evening since we all went to high school together and they wanted to come home for a long weekend. At about 11pm I'm mildly euphoric coming off a great little vacation and excited about my birthday and trip to Orlando the next day. I'm driving through the heart of Dallas on I35 and suddenly, our lane just stops. The other lanes were flowing fine, but for some reason our lane died. I sigh and take a quick glance to make sure my girls are okay, and this drunk driver plowed right into the rear of my Monte Carlo. Glass and scrap metal went flying everywhere. I collided heads with one girl and we ended up with matching contusions and concussions. The girl in the passenger seat sprained her ankle and received several small lacerations from glass. Another girl got a concussion and severe back problems which she still seeks medical attention for to this day. The fourth girl received a 7 inch laceration across her face from deep into her hairline, across the bridge of her nose and into the eyelid on the opposite side. She lost over a pint of blood when her face detached from the skull. To this day she has severe nerve damage and scarring. I spent my 19th birthday in a hospital emergency room with 4 of my closest friends for several hours. Quite unpleasant.

Ed Posted: Sun May 1 20:21:04 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I got it pulled home and cleaned it up a bit. It still runs, but is bruised on the driver side. Apparently, I caught some air. So that's kinda cool.
If I hadn't turned the wheel back toward the road, like I did, I'd have hit the ground too hard and probably wouldn't have walked away. The tracks I left are pretty crazy. I should post a picture.

Looks like my first paycheck is paying for a new window. Maybe it won't rattle this time.

Mesh Posted: Sun May 1 22:01:45 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Austin bu-zing!

Bzoso Posted: Wed May 4 00:18:44 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  oh what the hell, nobody reads my stories.


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