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Interesting Article, long but interesting
ifihadahif Posted: Wed May 18 15:35:38 2005 Post | Quote in Reply,1518,344374,00.html

Mark Posted: Wed May 18 16:30:07 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  We had some of those here (Holland) as well. Makes you think doesn’t it?

The problem is, however, just as the article says, that if you want to discuss it you will be called a racist. They (Muslims, but also all other religious factions) hide behind their freedom to practice any religion they want even if the rules are illegal by law.

Of course this situation is murder, but the reason behind it is something that goes very deep in those persons that commit it. It is something they strongly believe in (just like young western children strongly believe in Santa Claus or something like that).

But please note that not all Muslims are fanatics like this. I know a few and some of those have sisters… those sisters get all the freedom in the world. Please take that in mind before being judgmental on all Muslims.

ifihadahif Posted: Wed May 18 16:39:15 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I wouldn't presume to be judgemental on Muslims, or Christians, or Sikhs, or whatever, but I have no problems being judgemental on fanatics of any religious persuasion if the result of their fanaticism is harmful to others.
Right now it would appear that Muslim fanatics are the ones in need of coercion into the 21st century, of course that would completely bypass the 20th century because they never made it that far.

CorDrine Posted: Thu May 19 12:06:23 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I think I have some in my family as well. They haven't resorted to murder yet thouugh!

Actually, this article come at a right time for me as I struggle thru my customary wedding. I think that somehow, in the name of honour, people stop thinking, and just do what they are being told. For instance, without much logic, my parents have agreed to do everything my inlaw ask of them. Which is weird. Suddenly, their own daughter, flash and blood, no longers matter to them as much as keeping the honour of the family.

I can't understand it. But maybe its the society people originate from. In China, where there are billions and billions of people, individualism counts for nothing. They move as one, act as one. I think this is best represented in the latest Stephen Chow movie Kung-Fu, when a gangster like Stephen Chow threathen to kill a small fly barber unless he hands him some money. The barber boy said, "I am not afraid. Even if you kill one of me, there are many many more of me you have to deal with". I guess that says it all. They don't think as individual. They think as a group, as a family, as a nation. That is why there is honour killing, genocide, and war. People stop thinking, and the group mentality just takes over.

It is easier to do what is being told, then to think for yourself. It is easier to blame a tradition, a belief, then to say you commit a crime out of your own will.

I am for tradition. But I think one should be selective, and thing before acting, of what is right and what is wrong, and what is still applicable in these modern time we live in.


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