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weird dreams...
innocenceNonus Posted: Tue May 31 21:53:21 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  anyone having weird dreams lately? say tonight, last night, or so??

just asking because i and a couple of friends have all had strangely vivid dreams.

maybe i'm just being silly.

in any case, mine was about seducing an older man who didn't want to be seduced. and then a friend of mine went berserk and Carrie because her boyfriend dumped her. i ended up calming the friend down...

it was a weird dream.

Posted: Tue May 31 22:32:39 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I have boring dreams. I dream about plywood.

Dancer Posted: Tue May 31 23:22:31 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i used to have morbid dreams and i wake up with all the details in my head...

lucid dreaming at times

less often now..

kurohyou Posted: Tue May 31 23:34:41 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Varies really. For the last four months or so I haven't remembered many dreams, but as of recent I have been.

I generally have three types of dreams. Weird just random dreams, common/problem solving dreams, often associated with an upcoming project or a problem project at work, and dreams of common everyday events, which end up happening a few weeks later. I suppose that makes them prophetic in a sense. But knowing what Pete is going to say at the coffee machine hasn't made me a millionaire yet.

My most recent dream last night, a good friend of mine was attempting to drive his car from the passenger side. He had his legs slung over the centre console and was working the pedals (The car was a stick shift) while I was attempting to steer the vehicle from the back seat. The cops were chasing us because we were swerving all over the place. But as it turns out the "TJ Hooker" style police car with "National Secruity" stamped on the side had a nice Iraqi man in it picking up parking cones from the middle of the street, and could have cared less about our inept driving style.

For what it's worth...

Asswipe Posted: Wed Jun 1 00:58:20 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  had a very vivid dream, just last night actually, where this girl, a friend's ex, who i love to death, was spreading an insane amount of lube, something clear like KY, onto my lower stomach and was working her way down when something happened to her, not sure what. anyway, when she vanished i looked around the room and found a weapon, maybe a crossbow or something, under the bed and had this strong inclination that it belonged to her.

i rarely have vivid dreams though, so when i do have them it's great, no matter what happens in them. even if they're weird as shit.

anyone know what a dream means for the subconscious when a woman morphs into a dart launching device?

DanSRose Posted: Wed Jun 1 01:34:15 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I dreamt last night that I was some government (or private) agent and was sent to kill a bunch of people, for some reason (they were evil). When I got to their underground base of evil, they all turned into giant gummi worms and were nearly impossible to kill with the knife I had (gummi + knife = ineffective with odd squishy sounds).
That's not weird, is it?

Kira Posted: Wed Jun 1 01:39:14 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Recently I had a dream wherein I was in bed trying to sleep, and I turned over to see two large spiders on the sheets beneath me. I leapt up in a panic, landed on the floor and turned on the light, and I was staring at my empty bed for almost a minute before I realized that I had in fact been asleep when I saw the spiders, and had woken up at some point in mid-air while I was jumping out of bed.

It was very funny, but I still had to search the blankets carefully before going back to sleep.

Mesh Posted: Wed Jun 1 01:59:36 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I've been having dreams the last couple of months in which people are trying to kill me. A lot of them take place in a war zone.

misszero Posted: Wed Jun 1 06:26:52 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i normally have pretty odd dreams, and i always remember them in the morning, but for the past few nights, they've been particularly vivid, and involved the same cast of people.

addi Posted: Wed Jun 1 07:07:10 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  innocenceNonus said:

>in any case, mine was about seducing an older man who didn't want to be seduced.

the FOOL!

FN Posted: Wed Jun 1 07:44:46 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I had a zombie/survival dream again.

Today I dreamed I was in some kind of hospital I think with a group of people (about 7 in total I think) I know (don't remember who, I just remember that I knew them), and we were hiding in a small wood-finished and expensive looking office with 2 yellow blurred glass doors (like those that some showers have), which could open like a normal door and also had some sort of big dog doors at the bottom (as wide as the entire door), but which you could pull up/down instead of in/out. Both were in a different wall, so that their 2 walls made a corner of the office, with the doors about roughly a meter away from the corner, each.

We could see the silhouets of all kinds of weird things passing through the long corridors behind the doors, and everything was lit in that kind of hospital-at-night kind of light.

I was telling people to shut the fuck up or these things might hear us, but there was this one person that started to panic and couldn't stop mumbling, so at some point you could see one of the silhouets stopping behind the door and turning it's head (blurred glass, remember) towards us like it had heard something and had spotted us.

We could hear more of them coming and I ordered people to barricade the door by throwing themselves against it.

So imagine that "I" is a door and every "-" is a person, you had the following at each door: I--- so since the 2 doors were positioned like they were you ended up with _l that pattern of people as they were pushing against the doors, with an empty space between the 2 rows.

I wasn't helping any of the 2 groups yet but I figured that if I pushed myself into the center of the half cross made by the 2 rows of people the pressure on both the doors would increase as the 2 rows would also give support for the other row's door by shifting some of the opposing pressure through me. (try to imagine it, you should be able to create a picture of it in your head).

So that's what I did, and we stood there for a while like that with more and more of those things massing in front of the doors, and I figured that as soon as 1 door would give in, due to the loss of pressure the other door would collapse too and we'd all be dead.

So I asked who wanted to make a run for it and try to get help somewhere, but nobody wanted to leave the office with those things out there, so for one reason or another I said I'd do it.

I grabbed a chair and passed it along so one of the doors could be blocked using the chair, so the people could all focus on 1 door, the door at the front side of the office. I told them to slide the door at the bottom of the door up a bit so those things, zombies, or whatever they were, would have their attention drawn to there, which somehow worked.

While the other were busy trying to close that hatch again, I quickly opened to the hatch of the other door, slid underneath the chair that was holding it and managed to get out of the office with a whole mass of what seemed like rotting people just around the corner pushing against the other door.

There was an elevator to the left of me, but the "ping" when it opened made those things come around the corner again, so I had to duck into what I think was a ventilator shaft that I had to stomp the grid out first.

I ended up at the ground floor, but everything was very dark, I could hardly see a thing as there was only what I think must have been some moonlight coming in through the glass doors of the entrance hall.

I heard something behind me and I saw what I think was a young girl limping towards me, and I could hear her breath in a very fucked up way which scared the shit out of me, seriously.

So I tried to open the doors, but they were locked, and the girl just got closer, which started to make me feel very alarmed somehow (I dunnow, I figure that normally I you'd feel that threatened by a kid you'd just kick its head off, no?).

So I started running down what seemed like a very long hospital corridor, passing by an operating room, and I could see some stuff going on in there as I ran past the windows in the doors but I don't know what, just that it scared me even more.

Every time I looked back the girl just "flashed" closer to me, untill she suddenly "flashed" right in front of me, making me stop, and I woke up as she raised her arms towards me (I distinctly remember very pale hands) like she was going to go for my throat or something, I dunnow.

And that's when I woke up, totally freaked out.

I dunnow, but sometimes I really think I should have somebody look into these dreams. I like a good scare now and then, and it beats any horror movie by a long shot since you're "actually" in it, but still, sometimes, like this one, they're just a bit too vivid to be pleasant...

cookies&cream Posted: Wed Jun 1 12:57:07 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i don't think anyone's dreams can beat christophe's. that's just crazy...

in my dreams i tend to hear music and other sounds, feel temperature or any contact i'm having with someone in the dream. These things are very life-like, to the point where i think i'm awake. in one of my repetitive dreams, i'm in NYC on the top of a tall building, struggling with someone who's a lot stronger than me, and they end up tossing me over the side. i actually get the sensation that i'm falling, and will often jerk awake and find myself clutching onto the matress as if i were falling. it's not made much better by the fact that i'm in the middle of the bed and not on the edge.

breeze Posted: Wed Jun 1 14:23:53 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I had a weird dream last night. I was given $1,000,000 by someone, but noone would want to take the money when I wanted to pay for something. So whole dream i was running around trying to buy something and everywhere I'd just hear "No!"... Pffff, too much finance at work, getting lil' crazy here...

beetlebum Posted: Wed Jun 1 14:36:32 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  When I was little I had a recurring dream that my house was burning down. Death (dressed in a black cloak with a scythe) was trying to kill me while I tried to save my family. I couldn't save them, so they all died in front of me, and then I burned to death while Death laughed. Eew.

I also dreamed quite alot that my entire family was replaced by aliens (in my family member's bodies), and the paranoia would linger for days following the dream.

Finally, I still have this recurring dream that I'm in a maze of letter blocks (like children play with) and Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are evil and chasing me; the blocks grow bigger and bigger and finally they catch me and torture me to death.

innocenceNonus Posted: Wed Jun 1 21:21:44 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  kurohyou said:
>But knowing what Pete is going to say at the coffee machine hasn't made me a millionaire yet.

Yeah. Deja vue type stuff hasn't helped me get rich either.

innocenceNonus Posted: Wed Jun 1 21:24:50 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Those're are some pretty freaky dreams.

My night last night was uneventful, though.

Still, it was worth a shot to see if maybe this dream wave was some sort of weird phenomena.

choke Posted: Sat Jun 4 19:55:55 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  innocenceNonus said:
>anyone having weird dreams lately? say tonight, last night, or so??

Night before last I dreamt we were in olden days, wearing the clothes and everything, and my boyfriend was suspected of smuggling drugs in dishwashers (which was weird because they were all flash and modern) and I accidently provided the evidence for his execution..

And last night I dreamt I was on someones property so I ran to the mountains but they were someones property too, and everywhere I went it was owned by someone who was saying I was trespassing.. Then I tried to hide in a little kids slide but I got stuck so the owner pulled up on her horse and carraige and just waited for me to try and squeeze out..


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