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Memory Games
Kira Posted: Mon Aug 29 21:39:53 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I have been perusing old threads, as present-day GT is rather dead.

Ever come across an old post of yours that you had no memory of or which made no sense to you?

(Re)post it here.

I believe in love. I keep it in the left-side breast pocket of my coat, and skulk around with my fingers always resting on it. I must look like a lunatic, but you never know when you might have to whip that thing out and bash someone over the head with it - repeatedly. -Kira

Mesh Posted: Mon Aug 29 21:57:13 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I do that quite often. Well, not lately, but I used to do that quite often.

In two days this post will probably be one of them. And you're right about GT being rather dead. Tis sad, that.

Mouse Posted: Tue Aug 30 01:14:12 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Mouse said:
>*hugs choke* She's so sweet and cuddly! ;)
Anyone want to come to my place for barbequed grinch?
>No sheep were harmed in the smothering of these GTers, because we all know it's the sheep that really matter. Except when they don't.
>Good night boys and girls, sweet dreams and hugs to you all.

Hmm, yeah, that's doesn't make any sense to me now.

On a side note, the GT search has been altered and I am alarmed.


Mouse Posted: Tue Aug 30 09:47:06 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Mouse said:
>Sis, you're being entirely too agreeable. Not that I mind.
>For my first victim I pick... Mat_j! *attacks mat*

Oops, I messed up the quote on the last one, oh well.
And since no one else has posted, here I am posting again. I do not recall attacking anyone, I do recall being hired by several people to attack other GTers. Ah, those were the days.


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