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Such loevlyl people
ifihadahif Posted: Mon Dec 19 13:08:02 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I don't seem to recall dancing and celebrations in Israel when dear Yasser passed on.


Such lovely people: Palestinians fire celebration shots at news of Sharon in hospital.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired celebration shots upon hearing the news of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon being taken to hospital for feeling unwell.

A member of the Popular Resistance Committees told Ynet that Sharon fell ill because of the stressed caused by the latest wage of Qassam rockets over the last few days. “God answered our prayers and didn’t disappoint us,” the official said.

Rockets? What rockets? Doesn’t al-Reuters keep telling us there’s a truce on?

ifihadahif Posted: Mon Dec 19 13:57:16 2005 Post | Quote in Reply  
  btw loevlyl=lovely (happy fingers today)


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