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The new Muhammed game!
Klaas Posted: Sat Feb 4 15:46:54 2006 Post | Quote in Reply

This is how we do it in Holland!

Mesh Posted: Sat Feb 4 20:24:11 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  You do realize now, that in accordance with Islamic law, which whether you were aware of it or not, you are under its jurisdiction and are obligated to follow it, your right hand and left foot must be amputated. Further offence will result in decapitation.

And, oh yeah, Peace be with you.

maybeitwillwork Posted: Tue Feb 7 21:32:31 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I will admit that I played the game for several min, and was mildly amused by it. But I can also see how some people would be offended by it. Personally it doesn’t bother me at all.

Mesh Posted: Wed Feb 8 22:46:05 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  The aim was clearly to offend. So I think they would have been better off calling it "pig fucker" instead of goat fucker and having him sex with some swine.

Silly people.


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