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mister maroon's ::nshn:: mix v.6 (beach roadtrip mix)
iggy Posted: Mon Mar 20 07:35:06 2006 Post | Quote in Reply

here's my latest ::nshn:: session, it's a little different from the rest of the ::nshn:: sessions.
it's perfect for roadtrips to that perfect beach vacation ;)
so kick back, enjoy and have a pina colada while listening to this chill beach mix

1. sunrise by afterlife
2. if i ever feel better by phoenix
3. drop by cornelius
4. i don't know what to save you from by kings of convenience
5. so long without you by bent
6. morenito (bossa mix) by stephen pompougnac
7. groovin' with you by the gentle people

addi Posted: Mon Mar 20 08:00:10 2006 Post | Quote in Reply my mind I'm listening to this as I lay back on the warm white sand and watch Beetlebum run by in slow motion wearing a skimpy two piece suit....

*unfortunately the next scene in my fantasy is Beetlebum kicking sand in my face and calling me a dirty ol'perv.

thanks, chan. "I don't know what I can save you from" is soooooooo good.

JesusOnline Posted: Mon Mar 20 08:32:41 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  The kings are pretty much in vogue at the minute it seems. Everyone's using this song in NE scotland at the minute anyway.

good stuff chan, thanks for sharing again.


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