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Good bye.... for now
Cherry_Moon Posted: Fri May 5 01:35:10 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i'm thinking about leaving gt for the summer and perhaps the rest of the year.... i'll prolly be on at random times. but i'm finding it harder to get on and post.... i loved gt in it's golden years.... i love mesh, addi, mouse, wolffie, mat_j, aeon, dancer, chan, ifih, crim, ed, puck, (insert puck reincarnation). i loved chilling and chatting it was great getting to know who i was able to... best of luck to ifih and his third and happiest marriage, and to everyone else who has dreams and are pursuing them....

*hugs to above listed* thanks for talking to me and giving me advice - i've grown alot since i first started posting....


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