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Let the slaughter comence!
Billy Pilgrim Posted: Tue Sep 12 23:21:28 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I have decided to kill every scientist in the world until Pluto is made back into a planet and they admit the world is flat!!

anyone with me!!

I have decided to call my organisation

The National Association for the advancment of Cool Pluto.

war and peace everyone

Billy Pilgrim
(AKA mat_j junior)

mat_j Posted: Tue Sep 12 23:24:21 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  this is why we had to lock up your luddite parents Billy!


Free Pluto!!

Ahriman Posted: Tue Sep 12 23:30:52 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Is it on Facebook?

addi Posted: Wed Sep 13 07:27:56 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  from my journal last week:

Size Matters

The International Astronomical Union General Assembly recently announced to the world that Pluto will no longer be considered a planet. It will now be referred to as a “Dwarf Planet”.
I have a hunch the science textbook publisher lobbyists had some say in this decision.
The sales people must be drooling over the ramifications of this new development.

“Do you want your students to be learning that there are nine planets in our solar system? That’s so OLD school!”
“Well…,no, but…”
“I should hope not! You know Mississippi just purchased our revised version. Do you want the world to know that stinkin’ Mississippi has more accurate science books than you?
“But the only change you made is on page 452.”
“Sending you a one page correction would just be silly now, wouldn’t it?”
“I guess…”
“Okay then…that will be $487,692.43. Your children will thank you."

Poor poor Pluto. One day you’re spinning around in an erratic orbit all happy and content, and the next day you become a “dwarf”. How demeaning. All the solar system models hanging from elementary school room ceilings across the globe will now require ripping off the tiny painted styrofoam ball that was our 9th planet, only to be callously tossed where no planet has been before…the trash can.

You’re probably asking yourself right now, “So what? How does this really affect my life?”
More than you might think.
If some small group of scientists can just decide willy nilly to knock off a planet, what’s to stop other devious minded organizations from doing the same? How would you feel if the next time you go bowling you discover that there are only nine pins instead of ten to knock down? Or going to the corner bakery, paying for a dozen donuts, and only getting eleven? Not too happy I suspect.

And guys don’t be surprised if this makes it to the list of excuses you’re likely to hear, along the lines of “Sorry, there’s a full moon out tonight.”
Next time you walk into the bedroom naked as the surface of Mars hoping for some out of this world hanky-panky, and you hear the line, “Not tonight, Babe. You just reminded me of the dwarf planet Pluto”, you can blame The International Astronomical Union General Assembly.

DanSRose Posted: Wed Sep 13 08:55:09 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Ahriman said:
>Is it on Facebook?

I'm sure it has a poorly put together MySpace, where it it's been spending the last few weeks crying how the Solar System broke up with it, replacing it with 3 new floozies. It'll have those weird doll things for each of the S'System! which is just stupid, with made midi-converted songs that are crappy and not quite listenable and not in a stable orbit. Then it all sorts of other Homeiezzz around it, all with a similar mass, composition, orbit, and satellites (they call them hangers-on) with cool gang names like Xena, Santa, and EasterBunny [true fact- this is was the condition that got it kicked out of the S'System; that does make sense, that a planet must clear all the crap in the area, either by sucking it up or shifting it away. I personally still think it should be a planet and this was fun].

mat_j Posted: Wed Sep 13 09:47:30 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  What in the name of sweet chocolate vishnu is a dwarf planet anyway, by that logic isn't jupiter an Ogre planet? venus an elf planet and Uranus an ass planet.

(Yesss first on the Uranus jokes!)

beetlebum Posted: Wed Sep 13 12:17:47 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  oh, pluto. :(

ifihadahif Posted: Wed Sep 13 14:00:11 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  mat_j said:
>What in the name of sweet chocolate vishnu is a dwarf planet anyway, by that logic isn't jupiter an Ogre planet? venus an elf planet and Uranus an ass planet.
>(Yesss first on the Uranus jokes!)
What do Star Trek and toilet paper have in common ?

They both fly around Uranus and get Klingons . . .

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hoooooo heeeeeeee wheew !

Beep Posted: Wed Sep 13 18:06:25 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  doesn't commence have two ms? :P

There's been quite a big debate on it to be honest. if they were to include pluto they might have to include other planets that they're found orbiting the sun that are actually bigger than pluto. i dunno, to be honest i don't really care... it doesn't make much difference to me.

Billy Pilgrim Posted: Wed Sep 13 19:43:06 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Last i heard in the GT senate Addi's dove party recommended an open door policy too welcome in the new planets' Hif's Hawks cut in and said no new planets and all existing planets would have to learn to speak earthlish.

Mesh Posted: Sat Sep 16 20:01:45 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Speaking of slaughter

Maybe that's the spark that was needed to ignite all out war between muslims and christians. Then they'll finally learn their place.

Religious people, that is. But especially the muslim ones.

addi Posted: Sun Sep 17 08:06:21 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Billy Pilgrim said:
>Last i heard in the GT senate Addi's dove party

Excuse me, but it's "Addi's love party"


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