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kurohyou Posted: Tue Oct 31 09:57:54 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  As many of you know I am currently enrolled in a Police Academy and am learning what it is to be a cop and how the law works, from a police officer's point of view.

This whole adventure for me has caused a number of heated discussions between myself and many of my friends, some of whom, while they are good people, seem to detest cops and many of the laws around.

What intrigued me though was the fact that, despite their agnst against the law, they still obey them. So this got me wondering why people obey laws. Is it because of fear, fear of punishment, fear of being caught? Because its the right thing to do?

Why do you think people obey laws? And why do you personally think you obey them?

For what it's worth...

~Just Imagine~ Posted: Tue Oct 31 10:36:09 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I think It's all conditioning...
You have learnt to obey laws from your parents or you get a punishment.
And later on, you learn that you not only have to obey your parents but also the law, or you get a punishment.

So if you will brake a law when you had a "good conditioning" as a child , you will brake the one's with the least severe punishment, or the one's where you won't get caught that easily...
It also works with rewards...
Reward the one's that are obeying the law, and give no rewards to them who don't ... etc

Does this make any sense ?

Or wth, maybe you only obey the one's you like, and skip the one's you hate, pure on gut feeling, I don't know :)
Just thinking

innocenceNonus Posted: Tue Oct 31 11:03:10 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i dunno...

kinda strikes me that people who don't wanna obey certain laws won't.

i mean... how often do people actually follow rules simply because they're rules? not normally. they need more of an incentive.

for example, underage drinking in the US is a fair norm. people don't want to follow it so they won't. few people follow it simply to "obey the law." but if they have other reasons, they might use the "it's the law" excuse as part of their reasoning.

more often than not it's for another reason.

at least, that's the vibe i get.

Ahriman Posted: Mon Nov 6 10:05:18 2006 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'd say that it comes down to the "idea" that all laws were put in place for the well being off citizens/beings. If we don't follow them then we are placing others in danger thus making ourselves a liability. Nobody wants to be liable. Fear...



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