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pots and pans
Ahriman Posted: Wed Mar 21 22:30:02 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Is pot aka weed aka marjuana aka ganja: good or bad

I've never actually seen it solve problems. I've never done it (don't plan on ever doing it) and never had a problem with anyone doing it but now my younger sibling is and since she started things have gone down hill.

Kira Posted: Wed Mar 21 23:39:44 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  The simple answer is that no *thing* can be good or bad. Pot is just pot, and anything in excess is going to have negative effects.

Beyond that, I don't know much about it myself. I don't even have a clear idea of how addictive it is, since I've never known anybody who did it regularly. I've been rather interested to hear that it is less detrimental to our health than tobacco, but I've never looked into it.

libra Posted: Thu Mar 22 00:04:12 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Never done it. Not that i'm totally against it or anything, or that i wouldn't, there's just never really been an opportunity.

but, I've seen some people get REALLY lazy as a result, and fuck up at least certain things in their lives.

Ahriman Posted: Thu Mar 22 00:22:06 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  libra said:

>but, I've seen some people get REALLY lazy as a result, and fuck up at least certain things in their lives.

I've got friends that toke up all the time. No big deal to me. They offer and I pass. A good friend of mine hits it almost everyday and he still does fine at school and work. I've seen people become lazy from video games, tv, drugs, parenting, books, alcohol, food and many other various things. The only real reason I don't do it is because it is illegal.

Posted: Thu Mar 22 03:24:54 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  tried it once in high school, threw up a lot. it wasn't for me, it's still not for me. recreationally, it seems fine, but I've got a lot of friends from the neighbourhood that really never went on to do anything, and whether it's a cause or an effect I'll never know, but they just sit in the same damn garage and smoke the pot they get from the same damn dealer they did back when we were 17.

Mark Posted: Thu Mar 22 04:45:36 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Smoked it a few times. Never had any ill effects on me. Too much is bad, but the same goes for alcohol, chocolate, water, etc.

ifihadahif Posted: Thu Mar 22 06:42:12 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  If you fell the need to get a buzz and it seems a very large percentage of people do, pot compares very favorably to alchohol.
Before I became respectable, I did most recreational drugs out there, got addicted to coke, and smoked pot for 30yrs or so.
The most detrimental thing I could say about pot is, it made me fat. After thirty years of satisfying the munchies caused by pot, I got this big ole belly now.
Of course if you're smoke everyday like I did, you're gonna have some adverse effects, but if it had been alchohol instead of pot, I'd probably be in extrememly bad health now.
Moderation is the key. Getting buzzed everyday will rob you of your goals and
ambitions. The only goal you will have is the desire to get that next buzz.
Thus endeth the rant.
King Thong has spoken.

addi Posted: Thu Mar 22 07:30:32 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  did it
do it
said the old hippie : )

But only once or twice a month (if I have any at all. I have gone years without it), and only a couple hits at a time..just for a light smooth buzz. And only at home, because a law was passed here that stated it was legal only in my house, otherwise I wouldn't because I'm a fine upstanding law abiding citizen. Doing it only now and then I find laughing till I'm in tears, or rockin' out to great music, or having sex to be fantastic and a welcomed temporary departure from the shit that hits the fan on a daily basis.

I have a much bigger problem with jokers that get totally blitzed and then behind the wheel than I do with people getting high. But as Mark said it can be abused just like anything else out there. Had a friend that was really into it, and even set up a hidden hydroponics "garden" in his basement to grow the stuff. He used it everyday, all day, and I didn't like what it did to him. My rule of thumb is that if you have to have it to get through a day then it's a problem.
Over using any drug on a regular basis (coffee excluded)takes away the good effects of that drug. It no longer is special and becomes the norm and a regular state of mind, and defeats the purpose for even using it.

It's only a personal preference, but I much prefer experiencing the highs and lows of life sober and clear headed...leaving the times when I'm in an "altered" state of mind as a brief and occational exception, rather than the norm.

addi Posted: Thu Mar 22 07:58:46 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  ifihadahif said:

>Moderation is the key. Getting buzzed everyday will rob you of your goals and

you posted this while I was writing. It sums up my wordy post very nicely.

I'm a wimp when it comes to the harder drugs. Coke, meth, ecstasy, LSD, shrooms, etc...scare the hell out of me. Tried coke once in my 20's and all I tasted was snot running down my throat, and this bizarre urge to tell every stranger I met thet I loved them. I literally spent that night puking in the bathroom. I remember telling God (that was back when He was still alive) that I would never EVER do it again if I survived the night.

DanSRose Posted: Thu Mar 22 09:06:54 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I am conflicted RE: the mari-j-uana.
I've only tried it once, but didn't care for it. However I've been around my friends long enough while they smoked to feel the effects from the smoke, and I enjoyed it a bit then. I'm inheritly neutral about it when it comes to personal usage.
However, when it comes to its illegality, I find it stupid. Specifically that a substance less potent than most alcohol and less dangerous than tobacco is a Schedule 1 controlled substance, even though it has at most a low psychogical dependancy in some people. It also can produce no physical dependancy. I find that stupid. Also what I find stupid is that the actual marijuana plant is incredibly versitile and is essentially a better cash crop than cotton. It can be made and used as a better fabric, both in terms of texture and durability.
My friend, a philosophy and economics major, did his senior thesis on marijuana and why to legalize it. It worked and convinced me.

kurohyou Posted: Thu Mar 22 17:01:57 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Never done it, don't have any intentions of doing it...

From my minimal experience it does not seem to be a major problem in that people go out and do really crazy shit while they are on it. From all accounts I have heard you get pretty mellow and then go on a raid of the corner store for various chips, cheetos and munchie items.

I agree w/ Addi, the people who get shit faced and then drive. I actually just saw one earlier today. The guy was changing lanes, apparently not even paying attention. What caught my attention is that he was doing it without using a signal. I thought he was just being an ass but as I watched him closer I realized that there was a better than average chance that this guy was blitzed. Unforchunately he got on the highway off ramp and was gone before I could get his license plate and call him in. But those are the people who are a dangerous.

I have yet to hear of a guy getting high on pot and going and killing a bunch of people. Driving while impaired in any way is a bad idea, and that includes being tired, which I am horribly guilty of...

But those are my two cents... I've made the decision not to do it...

For what it's worth...

Asswipe Posted: Fri Mar 23 02:32:05 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hello everyone. Been lurking for a couple days now and I had to stop in by this one and drop my big fat 2 pence. Hope all is well around the world.

I've done pot a hell of a lot. Problem I saw with it, as I stopped doing it and am looking back, are mainly two fold: Firstly, when I smoked, I smoked way too much. I suggest, if you try it, have a hit, or two, and get giddy. Enjoy laughing like an idiot and feeling light. Sit in a field with some friends and enjoy the breeze. Twirl the grass around your fingers. But don't take six hits off a bong, because your body numbs and you feel like you're gonna shit your pants.

Problem number 2: paranoia. People are quite apt to worrying up some wicked scenarios when stoned, and, if prone to schizophrenic episodes, pot can seriously intensify your paranoia. Common thoughts: thoughts of illness; paranoid dellusions (thinking, maybe your three fucktard friends who won't shut up about barry bonds, are all one big living dream, and maybe when you wake up, you will still be in a dream;) fears of people plotting against you: Some girl I knew thought that someone (the *man* or whoever) planted microscopic microphones all over her dorm room, as if someone actually wanted to listen to her innane babble about the plight of circus elephants and the children of Kuala Lumpur. Personally, I've worried about a little bit of everything.

However, if the environment is right, pot can be hella fun. I enjoy smoking and doing tranquil, earth loving, hippie stuff: Sitting on a porch, walking around the city streets and smiling at homeless people. In high school, I would occasional smoke before work, and then spend the next two hours serving the most buttery popcorn Huntington Shore 8 theatre patrons ever consumed. and live music with a small crowd! when the band or musician is only playing for a few people, and would probably get bored and stop playing if you payed any attention to the five year old sitcom rerun playing above the bar.

I promise i'm not stoned right now, but after writing this, i sort of want to be.


addi Posted: Fri Mar 23 05:54:06 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Asswipe said:
>Hello everyone. Been lurking for a couple days now and I had to stop in by this one and drop my big fat 2 pence. Hope all is well around the world.

Can't believe I'm going to say this..
but, Damn, it's good to hear from you asswipe. I do miss your unique way with words around here. Hope it's not another year before you decide to say something again.

FN Posted: Fri Mar 23 14:40:36 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Most people on pot don't cause all that much trouble, and certainly not as much as drunks.

The person him/herself doesn't necessarily have to have any negative effects from it, I know a lot of people who smoke/used to smoke pot without any effects on their lives at all, aside from a few hours of laughter.

But I also know people who got into serious trouble with the police over it once they started dealing themselves and a few guys whose lives have been *totally* fucked up due to pot.

I'm talking spending money on it like crazy, bumming around all day and just not giving half a shit about anything anymore and letting themselves slide into the gutter without much hope of ever getting out of there.

Long story short: in case of friends I don't care whatever the hell they do, it's their lives, and I'd rather have them staying at home to smoke some pot than drinking and getting in a car or a fight.

If my brother'd smoke pot I'd make sure he'd stop the second I hear about it and probably kill whoever gave him the chance to do it while I'm at it, because I've seen way too fucked up stuff resulting from it. And yes, even from something as stupid and socially accepted as pot. I don't want him getting drunk either, but that's another story.

If it was my sister I'd be 10 times as concerned, unless she's really, really fugly. Because, and I'm not saying pot smoking girls get raped by default, but let's be realistic here and say that they're far more likely to get hands around places they haven't agreed on more easily when flying high and around supposed friends.

Which also brings another dodgy aspect, especially in the case of girls who are far more likely to fall into the bad category because of the cool rebel factor:

You have 2 types of pot smoking groups: the first kind is decent people doing it under controlled cicumstances and maturely, but more often than not, especially when they're young, the groups consist of mouthbreathers who wouldn't mind dragging the others down in their putrid pits of stupidity and loose ethics.

But hey, what do I know.

addi Posted: Fri Mar 23 15:44:00 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Christophe said:

>But hey, what do I know.

A hell of a lot..that's what! : )

you've always filled in nicely for asswipe, christophe..i mean for speaking your mind and not beating around the george bush.

FN Posted: Sat Mar 24 07:26:12 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  All killer, no filler, baby

Kira Posted: Sun Mar 25 00:24:15 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hi Asswipe! Great to see you!

mat_j Posted: Sun Mar 25 13:12:54 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  hey Asswipe good to hear from you amigo!

i agree with him, pot like anything else in the world has it's ups and downs, doing a bunch of bongs will make you real lazy and if you are a bit mentalist in the brain then it will like make the problem worse when the 'noia sets in.

I've done this stuff in fucking heroic quantities in the past the day of 40 joints story is one of my faves.

word from the wise if you do start getting paranoid- clean you room, start associating getting paranoid with cleaning your room/car/house and it helps to neutralise the effects (for me anyway). keep your brain active and don't keep smoking!

also a couple of spliffs can be like a couple of pints, it opens you up and if there's an imagination in there it will allow it to surface more easily. too many and you'll just spaz around like a smouldering manatee.

libra Posted: Sun Mar 25 16:24:51 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  mat_j said:
> smouldering manatee.


FN Posted: Sun Mar 25 17:12:54 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I smoked a manatee once.

Her name was Pauline and we met in the middle of a rainbow that we had both started eating from opposite ends.

Rainbows taste like plastic bag.

choke Posted: Sun Apr 1 20:52:31 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I like it but I don't like to be around other people. You find your niche.


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