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no more bees?
Cherry_Moon Posted: Thu May 10 18:27:19 2007 Post | Quote in Reply

I've heard plenty about Colony Collapse Disorder in the last couple weeks. It's scared me and made me stop and fondly remember all of my bee oriented memories. Is anyone else worried about the bees (not just our crops)?

addi Posted: Thu May 10 21:06:36 2007 Post | Quote in Reply

: )

DanSRose Posted: Thu May 10 23:48:23 2007 Post | Quote in Reply

I once tried to explain to someone why I thought reaching peak oil (though I didn't know that was its name was) was going to be essentially apocalyptic. I was told I "crazy" and I should stop that.

Cherry_Moon Posted: Fri May 11 08:38:31 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  i don't have a cell and i live perfectly happy. you aren't crazy dan. i talked to several people online the other night and one of the guys told me that it was just a sky is falling theory...

addi Posted: Fri May 11 09:07:14 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Cherry_Moon said:
>i don't have a cell and i live perfectly happy.

I don't either and I live perfectly happy.....sometimes
: )

my theory on this is that people are throwing their cell phones at bees and killing them.

Ahriman Posted: Sat May 12 13:54:17 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  well it's like this. The bee population has died down at incredible rates in the past and regained itself everytime. However, this could be the worst and last. I really don't know. I've raised honey bees. Fantastic little guys. The last batch got wiped out by a parasite though. Just need to believe that nature will correct man's mistakes.

Cherry_Moon Posted: Sun May 13 13:06:55 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  that's awesome ahriman... do you have any resources that you could point me to? I'm in the middle of researching beekeeping and it'd be good to hear your experiances.


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