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What a great story
ifihadahif Posted: Sun Jun 3 14:03:03 2007 Post | Quote in Reply

DanSRose Posted: Mon Jun 4 17:44:47 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I read that sometime earlier when there was no light. This morning I found this (below), came to GT saw this thread but had no recollection of it- well, it took a while.

I've been reading lots of blags by lots of people who are coming to the odd conclusion that the US is not really a friendly place to be a woman anymore. Between the case at the Goodyear plant, where the Supreme Court said that a woman who was senior in length of time at the plant and experience could be fucked out of being paid equally because she didn't file paperwork timely (she did, actually) and more and more pharmacies saying "We will not sell you the Plan B pill" to the now near illegality of the SC upholding a ban on late-term abortions (the new safe procedure was outlawed; the old one is legal and can perforate the uterus), well it's disgusting. It's disgusting, insulting, and a step backwards.

I'm sorry to rain on your thread, hif, and it is a cute story. But I didn't know where else to: I am this fucking disgusted. Is anyone else too?


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