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saying goodbye.... maybe
fidelity Posted: Sun Sep 16 22:04:13 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  has anyone written a break up email?

i'm trying to decide what to say. how to explain why i'm desire to take a break. i'm really not sure if i want to break up for sure. or just take a break. my girl is driving me nuts. i found that she posted a singles profile on a dating site. and she's emailing, chatting, and possibly cybering with other single men in our city area. i found a love note from another man in her email with his cell and home number telling her to call anytime. i just don't know what to do. i went to her. and she claims she is innocent and only made the profile out of boredom. and only talked to this man once or twice before. what the fuck do i do?

FN Posted: Mon Sep 17 07:32:30 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Dump the skank.

Seriously, it's over.

Maybe keep her around for a while to enjoy yourself but don't expect this one to be the mother of your children, friend.

addi Posted: Mon Sep 17 07:35:14 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  first of all
Hi fidelity (sorry about the pun). Your name doesn't ring a bell with me, but that's neither here nor there with the topic.

Trying to pass on really good advice with such little info on the history of your relationship is a stab in the dark at best, so as Kuro would say here, take the following for what it's worth.

I'll start out by saying that if a relationship means enough to you to request advice here, then it means enough not to end it via email. If you decide to end it, do it in person.

I'd have to say, based solely on the scant background you gave here, that she's most likely feeding you a line about "being bored" regarding the singles dating site she's on. If it was a general place like myspace or facebook I could see it, but going to the trouble of registering at a place that caters to singles hooking up should raise a red flag on how she really feels about the future of your relationship. The "love note" from another guy just strengthens my gut level feeling that she's on the prowl for someone new, and perhaps just keeping things going with you until something better comes along.
Sounds kinda harsh I know, and ending things with someone you have strong feelings for always sucks to the max, but in the long run you're better off being hurt now, as opposed to months or years down the road.

Best of luck

SntSaturn Posted: Mon Sep 17 21:33:51 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I agree with Addi.

Don't end a relationship via e-mail. I am not sure why I think it is such a bad thing, but seems like a cheap way out.

Anyways - Your relationship doesn't sound great. She may still be interested in you. Signing up on a singles site, however, doesn't sound like she's committed long term. By posting you doubt her sincerity. From this point, will you still be able to trust her even if you do stay together?

Best of luck, fidelity.


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