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Some info, some questions, and a hello!
libra Posted: Tue Sep 18 19:55:10 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I haven't been posting a lot, but I have been reading most threads. I've been busy working on graduate school applications and getting ready to go up to Vancouver.
I'm applying to a variety of the University of California campuses as well as to the University of British Columbia for graduate school in anthropology. I'm scared but excited.
I am going to be moving up to Vancouver (where my boyfriend is attending law school) to work abroad for six months through BUNAC.
I've been struggling with myself recently over why I'm going up there, (is it just for him, etc). But as it gets closer I get more and more nervous about leaving my safe NorCal environment and my family, despite the fact that I miss him. This tells me that my fear of new places and change needs to be dealt with, and going and living in Vancouver, where at least I will have some friends around, will help me ease into this kind of change. Its better I tackle this now rather than when I am deciding what grad school to go to, etc.
Next summer I'm hoping to do some traveling or some volunteering abroad. If anyone has any ideas of cheap but exciting trips/volunteer programs, let me know.

I hope you're all doing well!
...and I hope to be more active on GT once i'm done with applications.

addi Posted: Tue Sep 18 21:16:24 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Great to hear from you, Libra. I know this is easy to say coming from where I'm at in life now, but

embrace the changes

Anxiety about moving to a new place is normal, in fact I'd be worried if you didn't feel nervous, but sooner than you think the years will fly by and you'll be looking back on this time in your life with a bit of nostalgia and longing. I miss my son (sometimes a lot), but I still think it was good for him to move away from home and try to get a foothold on life himself. I think getting away from family and the familiar will be a boost for your personal growth too. Plus British Columbia is such a gorgeous environment to live in. Keep in mind it doesn't need to be a permanant move anyway..just a time to stretch your wings and perhaps come back to your nesting grounds down the road...a better person for having left.

Good luck with the decisions ahead of you, and please keep us in touch with what you're up to. You're a part of this community.

beetlebum Posted: Wed Sep 19 20:31:55 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  

i think that moving to another country is always such a great thing to do-- you will learn so much about yourself and in the process really develop what you appreciate (and dislike!) about America after being in a foreign land.

and you know, i don't think you should be too worried about your motivation for going there. because even if you are going there for your manfriend, is that such a bad thing? you love him, you want to take some time off before grad school, and you're exploring your relationship with this man outside of your comfort zone and away from your lifelong support group, an experience which will reveal so much about the strength of your relationship. the way i see it, it can only be a good thing. if people are criticising you for it (although i hope not! i hope it's only you who is worried), they're being silly. life's too short to worry about that stuff. :)

there are so many great volunteer programs out there-- what kind of volunteer work are you looking to do? environmental? community? education? what part of the world? whatever you decide to do, i'm sure it'll be awesome.

good luck with apps!

libra Posted: Thu Sep 20 02:09:07 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Thanks so much you two!

Its nice to be reassured that I'm making good decisions. I'm excited to go somewhere new, but I am also so scared to leave home!

I'm totally wide open about volunteering. I would like to do it somewhere pretty, though. So it feels like a vacation, with purpose. I'm looking into a few different things.

Silentmind Posted: Thu Sep 20 23:44:21 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Well, the greater Vancouver area is a great place to live. Bit rainy, but its a lot of fun. And plenty of places to discover. If you get a chance, head across to the Island and take a trip to the northern tip. Beautiful scenery up there.

Ahriman Posted: Sat Sep 22 11:11:03 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Tell me how the food is on your travels. Sample the locals. Enjoy all the experience because that's what life is.

mat_j Posted: Wed Sep 26 07:33:04 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Good to hear from you again Libra, I'm sure Vancouver will be as they say in Welsh Fantasteg! ;-). My advise to anyone at the moment is to see as much of the planet as you can before someone closes it down for renovation.

Good luck ol' pal, and have an amazing time!

M xxx

libra Posted: Wed Sep 26 14:43:49 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  mat_j said:
>Good to hear from you again Libra, I'm sure Vancouver will be as they say in Welsh Fantasteg! ;-). My advise to anyone at the moment is to see as much of the planet as you can before someone closes it down for renovation.
>Good luck ol' pal, and have an amazing time!
>M xxx

Thanks mat.
It's good to hear from you, too.

choke Posted: Thu Sep 27 18:04:31 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  mat_j said:
as they say in Welsh Fantasteg! ;-).

Does that mean Fantastic? If it does I'm pretty much Welsh now.

jennemmer Posted: Sat Sep 29 16:57:04 2007 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I lived in Vancouver for a while... it's a really nice city. UBC is a really nice campus too with good bus access from most places.

I think I learned more moving away from home than I might have if I stayed. It is nice to know that you can get by without the safety net of having them so close by.

Good luck on the applications :)


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