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To pull a Mesh:
Mesh Posted: Thu Jan 10 03:05:15 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  To pull a Mesh:

1. To eat a whole large pizza, and then ask others if "they're going to eat that?"

2. To see someone walking up to you in the ghetto as you exit your vehicle at the local Valero, and as soon as they get near enough you say to them "Say man, I'm from Bastrop and don't know muh way 'round Austin, my car is just down the street on Oltorf wit' muh wife n kids in it, I jus' ran outta gas is all. Can a brutha' get a dolla'? Just a dolla is all i be needin'"

3. To tell your Cat to "Shut the hell up" when you stub your toe.

4. To lay down on the couch to just "rest your eyes" and wake up fifteen hours later, confused.

5. To get your feelings hurt when they're all out of your favorite cigs at the gas station.

6. To cry at the end of Karate Kid.

7. To say to people "Hey, can I ask you a question?" and then follow with a statement.

8. To be insulted when someone calls you "handsome" or "good looking".

9. To dip your cheeseburgers in chocolate shakes and your chocolate chip cookies in dill vegetable dip, and then look at someone like they're crazy for putting mustard on their hotdog.

10. To never, ever, under any circumstances, throw the disc golf without a Schwarzenegger-esque yell. It helps it stay stable, and go farther.

11. To watch all of the Lord of The Rings in one sitting, then wonder "What the hell happened to my Saturday afternoon? I was going to go canoeing, goddamnit!"

12. To get jealous of people in alien invasion, zombie, and werewolf movies because "man they get all the excitement."

13. To wish you were a werewolf.

14. To have a flight at 7:30 in the morning for a business trip, and get to the airport no later than 5:45, because "I have to have time to drink at least four beers before boarding time."

15. To play the same Rick Astley and Bryan Adams songs four times in a row on the jukebox at that bar you really hate because it's full of douchebags, but you went there because that's where everyone else wanted to go. And go outside and smoke until the song is done playing for the last time. Repeat as needed until the group decides that "man the music in this place sucks" and wants to go somewhere else.

16. To actually like the Rick Astley and Bryan Adams songs you played on the jukebox.

17. To end every sentence with "over" when talking on the phone to someone you don't want to be talking to, until they get frustrated and hang up.

18. To flirt with the waitress in the hopes that she'll offer free dessert. It works approximately 28% of the time. It makes your girlfriend mad approximately 100% of the time.

20. To sometimes sign receipts with stick figures and block houses and suns with sunglasses.

21. To go to sing alongs at the Alamo Draft House and wonder "Why is everyone singing along?"

22. To, when FORCED to perform karaoke, sing the lyrics to Van Halens song Panama, no matter what song is actualy playing.

23. To own over three hundred movies and complain "Man theres never anything to watch."

24. To have your neighbour say "Hey man, let's have a cookout sometime and invite all the other neighbours" but to hear "Hey man, let's never talk to eachother again, and avoid eye concact when we pass eachother because I am a big giant bag of douche that listens to my Flaming Lips and Morrissey albums way too loud." "Sure man, that sounds great!"

25. To break out in random songs of Owner of A Lonely Heart, I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight, Tom Sawyer, Wicked Game, or Unchained Melody at the most inappropriate of times.

26. To want to kill everyone in the movie theatre who saw Walk Hard and laughed at any time during the movie.

27. To flip around questions on interviewers and put THEM on the spot. "What would YOU do if you were about to lose a major account and your boss was in a meeting in Philly and was unreachable?"

28. To play the air saxophone.

29. To, when you are bored and everyone is busy, put on your worn pair of jeans, worn cowboy boots, plain white tee, your worn leather jacket and your aviators, get in your car, and drive around listening to Bad To The Bone and Who Do You Love over and over while smoking a whole pack of Marlboro Reds and drinking applejuice out of your flask, daydreaming about being a badass assasin in a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland.

30. To invision chopping the heads off of everyone who says they don't Like Roy Orbison.

Now you go!

Mesh Posted: Thu Jan 10 11:21:18 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  31. To make an entire pot of pasta, for BREAKFAST, take one bite and decide I want toast with apricot jam for breakfast.

I really am not this retarded I swear.

sweet p Posted: Thu Jan 10 13:24:23 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  o, you really are the greatest

to pull a mesh:

32. to make p smile from miles and miles away. even when she is incredibly tired, and in a lot of pain and pretending she hates the world.

Mesh Posted: Thu Jan 10 13:41:23 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  :) Oh P

33. To have already sent 18 texts today, and it's not even 1pm. To have needed to send one text if you just called those three people and talked for three minute a piece to them, but you didn't, because man, you're not a phone talker.

34. To have gotten unlimited texts for a damn good reason.

Now you people do yourselves, too! I want to here what it takes to pull a P or how I need to act to pull an Addi or a Hif!

addi Posted: Thu Jan 10 16:45:28 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Wisenheimer said:

>3. To tell your Cat to "Shut the hell up" when you stub your toe.


Great stuff, mesh...just great.

if I get a chance I'll try to add a few.Leaving for frigid northern Minnesota in a few days and have SO much yet to do.

erikagm Posted: Thu Jan 10 20:17:20 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  To pull an Erika:

1. To plan to go out with all your friends (who happen to be your co-workers), get them all riled up and then decide you're too tired/bored/sick of seeing people/not in the mood to go

2. To always be able to think up of a story that ACTUALLY happened to you when someone else is telling a story like it, and have to try really really hard not to say it outloud because you know people hate it

3. To be too lazy to get up and pop a DVD in the player even though everything on TV sucks so instead you just mute the friggin thing and keep the picture on just to feel like you have company

4. To have over 200 DVDs and always watch the same 5, because although you LOVE all the rest, you're never in the mood to watch them.

5. To have 5 different types of alcohol at home and hardly ever drink any because you don't believe in getting wasted at home and most nobody comes over cuz your friends are allergic to cats.

6. To be personally pissed off at people that do mean things although they didn't do them to you or anyone you know.

7. To take everything personally

8. To have loads of stuff to wear, but always wear the same things because they're comfortable

9. To not mind eating the same thing over and over again for more than a month because hey, it's food, right?

10. To always want what you can't have

11. To leave everything to the last minute and then kick yourself in the arse for not working at all before that

12. To hate someone utterly but not want to tell them because you might hurt their feelings

13. To finally having stopped being codependent in your relationship, just to have your cat turn COMPLETELY dependent on you

14. To cuss all drivers under your breath when they drive shitty (which is most of the time here) but not really want to say anything in case YOU ever screw up

15. To always be generous to people that don't deserve it

16. To give your mother a warning if she starts yelling at you over the phone, and after 3 warnings say "thank you for calling, have a nice day" and hang up on her

17. To have everyone have a love/hate relationship towards you

18. To have just realized 2 weeks before your 30th birthday that you REALLY DON'T need other people to love you in order to love yourself

19. To have someone you are TOTALLY NOT attracted to accuse you of flirting with them and try to turn your friends against you

20. To be happier alone at home then out with friends

Kira Posted: Thu Jan 10 22:13:53 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  To be one of those annoying women who eat in very small portions, saying they really aren't that hungry, except that with you it's TRUE.

To declare, in a delighted tone of voice, "I win!" when anything good happens, such as the light turning green, finding five dollars you didn't know you had, or finding that no one has eaten your leftovers.

To sing for HOURS each day in a queer gibberish which to you sounds like a mixture of English, Sindarin and Japanese but is of course none of these.

To cherish as friends people who barely know you and delight in the happiness of strangers, while remaining convinced that nobody likes you and that you are 'weird.'

To be the one person who can get an aggressive or fearful dog under control and then get in trouble for handling it unsafely.

To stop on the side of the road at least twice a month to look at, or take a picture of, the sky/an old barn/a flower, then feel guilty for making kind people take time out of their day to pull over and ask if you're having car trouble and need help.

To cope with phases of extreme anxiety by becoming so incredibly calm, deliberate, patient and more intuitive that it's almost enough to make you wish you could go into a permanent anxiety attack.

To agree to go to parties and other large informal gatherings for the sole reason of liking and respecting the person who asked you and wanting to show them gratitude for the thought - and not because you like that sort of thing, which you don't. AT ALL.

To answer the phone in foreign languages to baffle and amuse your callers, while actually only making them confused and uncomfortable.

To carry with you everywhere at least one book, preferably three or four, lest the world collapse on itself.

To turn on the TV 'just to have something to watch with dinner because it's hard to read and eat at the same time' and then turn around three hours later and be genuinely astonished that dinner could have taken so long.

To be presented with twenty different delicious things to eat at Thanksgiving dinner and put nothing but turkey, potatoes and green beans on your plate.

To have, among the 'just in case' emergency tools and materials in your trunk, a kite and a gallon of bubbles.

To skip without realizing it.

To declare that you hate music and then be complimented for having good taste in same.

Mesh Posted: Fri Jan 11 02:57:22 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  man jesus god theres never anything to watch around here!

Ahriman Posted: Wed Jan 16 15:59:47 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Wisenheimer said:
>15. To play the same Rick Astley and Bryan Adams songs four times in a row on the jukebox at that bar you really hate because it's full of douchebags, but you went there because that's where everyone else wanted to go. And go outside and smoke until the song is done playing for the last time. Repeat as needed until the group decides that "man the music in this place sucks" and wants to go somewhere else.
>16. To actually like the Rick Astley and Bryan Adams songs you played on the jukebox.

Mesh Posted: Fri Jan 18 01:03:49 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Oh man, Rick Astley is awesome.

Mesh Posted: Thu Feb 21 22:12:13 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Wisenheimer said:
>28. To play the air saxophone.

Why in the HELL did no one tell me there was an air sax championship going on at one of the clubs in Austin?

WTF. My friends are no longer my friends. That's it. The're done.

Mesh Posted: Mon Feb 25 19:50:11 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Oh, by the way, I'm still waiting.

mat_j Posted: Tue Feb 26 07:38:48 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Waw, why have i never seen this post before!

I agree Bledri

If you don't like Roy Orbison, then there's something wrong with you.

Mesh Posted: Tue Feb 26 22:54:45 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Nah, for real though, how the hell do I always have like, three copies of every movie made since 1965, except for what ever movie I want to watch at the time.

And, I swear I had Bully. And Jarhead. And What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

I swear it.

I may even still, but I'll be damned if I'm going through every single movie a second time. If I don't see it the first time, then I may as well not have it, even if I really do.

mat_j Posted: Wed Feb 27 10:30:21 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  

I used to Have Dog Day afternoon, Bufallo Soldiers and Reservoir Dogs but where are they now?!?!?!


Where are they Mesh?

Please tell me!!!

sweet p Posted: Sun Mar 2 16:48:29 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Wisenheimer said:
What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

i almost drownded!

great movie.
it was on tv here on thursday. you should've come over.

Mesh Posted: Mon Mar 3 02:14:57 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I had a date, and you know that. I can't be hanging out with everyone all the time.


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