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Corpses for science
~Just Imagine~ Posted: Fri Jan 11 14:00:20 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Today, I had to go to the disection and embryologie faculty at the university to study anatomy on dead corpses...

Strangely enough I really wanted to do this and I was very intrested, like most of the other people in my class

It was ok, it smelled somewhat, but you get over the fact that you are looking at dead human bodies

I saw legs, half persons, organs, whole persons, the nerv system,arms, muscles, baby's on water, Decaputated heads in some sort of aquarium staring at me...

But at the end, it was still a fun experience

When I got home, the smell of death and formol was still upon me, really gross... Showered with ALOT of soap

But all by all, I learned by it and I was fascinated by it's grossness

There was one point of discussion though trough the whole day:

"would you or would you not give yourself up for science?"

"would you give your deformed death baby up for science?"

These are also the questions I'm asking all of you ...

My answer
Question 1: No, but I will give up my organs to save people

Question 2: I don't know, But I'm guessing probably not.

FN Posted: Fri Jan 11 14:28:03 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I wouldn't give my body to science, organ donation yes, if people can be helped by my organs I won't be needing them when I'm dead, but I want to be able to have an open casket and I don't trust what they do with bodies donated to science.


Now, before you click this, even I was disturbed and I've seen a lot of fucked up things that I didn't care about, but what this sick fuck does revolts me to the core (also, if you do watch, take a look at her nipple), and once you've seen it you'll remember it for the rest of your life. You're warned.

Also, maybe not as extreme but I've heard a lot of fooling around during "educational autopsies" goes on from time to time, not with any harm intended per se, but I haven't lived my life with dignity to end up with my body being humiliated.

Dead baby, I don't think that's as open to abuse, I'm guessing it depends on the stage of the pregnancy and ofcourse what my wife would say about it.

Even though when I see how much I care for my mother and my brother with a sort of emotional certitude and sincerity that has no known comparison to me, and hear that with your child it's even more so, I might come to terms with it so that it could benefit others in similar situations, but I know women are usually 10 times as sensitive about stuff like that.

~Just Imagine~ Posted: Fri Jan 11 16:41:59 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  about genitals
Sorry to say
but they really really really really
look messed up when you're dead

It grossed me out most of all
Especially the pubic hair on the thing, it's the only thing that made me want to turn my eyes away today...

I also noticed I had a hard time watching hair on the head of the body
Probably because it reminds me of a living person, and you realise again what you are dealing with...

While others would say: "hmm, lot's of heads in an aquarium on formol next to your face grosses me out alot more"

About your picture christophe, it is not that disturbing as I thought it would be, but maybe thats because I watched dead naked corpses allday...
It's just very unrespectfull...

FN Posted: Fri Jan 11 17:22:30 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I don't care about it being cut open,

I do care about this being a young woman with some perverted sticking his finger up her vagina while she's lying cut open on a dissecting table and putting a needle through her nipple and her eye on her mouth after removing it

Imagine that's your girlfriend or your daughter or sister

FN Posted: Fri Jan 11 17:24:37 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  It often comes to mind when in a moment of weakness I gain some trust in humanity

Seriously, even though I don't know that woman, "I'd go medieval on his ass".

novemberrain Posted: Fri Jan 11 22:56:09 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  My dad wants to donate his body to science. I'm not sure his reasoning, all I know is that he feels very strongly about it.

I would donate my organs, but probably not my body.

beetlebum Posted: Fri Jan 11 23:09:40 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'm super paranoid. I'll never donate my body or my organs. And not because I'm afraid paramedics won't do their best to save me knowing that I am going to donate my organs. (I've heard that excuse before.)

I just can't imagine putting my family through that process. I remember working on the telemetry floor as a secretary and watching the organ collectors bugging and harassing family members for their loved one's organs. Ugh. It just made me really uncomfortable, even though I know the good that can come of it in the end.

Kira Posted: Fri Jan 11 23:14:49 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I really have my heart set on my ashes going to a certain place, so as of right now I would only donate my organs. However, if I were to contract a really rare terminal disease, I would likely reconsider.

I don't think I could donate my child's body, but it's hard to say. Again, if the cause of death/miscarriage was really unusual, I might be willing to consider it.

DanSRose Posted: Fri Jan 11 23:35:41 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  In NY State, you become an organ donor by checking off a few boxes on the back of your license. Mine have been checked off since I got it.
But I don't know if I donate myself to science. Not that I have anything against it, but I'd rather have my parts and blood automatically used than have them wait for usage. Unless I can have them go to the Body Farm!

When you say dead deformed baby, do you stillborn or an accident? Do we mean a viable medical donation for stem cells? If so, then yeah.

I have been away for the past few weeks because more crap have been happening family-wise.

erikagm Posted: Sat Jan 12 00:33:07 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  First, I hope they find whoever did that to that poor woman and have them locked up and, if they ever got done with medical school, have their licenses taken away. If they didn't, don't ever let them finish.

How utterly disrespectful and sick that was. That poor woman couldn't have been more than 35, and on top of the tragedy of her having died young, her body gets desecrated in that manner. Abominable.

Here in Mexico I don't think I would donate my body to science as they have enough bodies of homeless people to go around and keep in Medical Schools' formaldehyde pools. I should know, I practiced on them while I was in med school. None of us did anything that would disrespect the bodies tho, because although a few boys did make some rude comments about the appearance of the female we were assigned to, other boys and most of the girls asked them how they would feel if the woman was their mother (it was the body of an older woman). That shut them up real fast, and they even seemed respectful from that moment on.

I dunno, I guess it depends on the view of death each culture has to determine the way your body is most likely to be treated. While here in Mexico death is viewed usually in a very comic and lively manner (research our "Dia de Muertos" holiday), we still feel very respectful towards the dead and cherish and honor them, especially if they parted before their time. More so if they choose to sacrifice themselves to help others (as in organ/body donation).

That said, I would donate either my organs and/or body to science if it would prove helpful in either way. Not that I think they would really need my body here in Mexico, and I dunno if my organs are viable since I had Hep A as a child. My body in no way represents my spirit or who I truly am, it is merely the shell that encompasses my conscience and humanity, and once I am done with it, I don't really cares what happens to it. If it does anybody any good, so be it.

Donate my child to science? I would take the same perspective on that one as I take on my own body. The corpse of my child would no more be my child than what my corpse would be me.

All in all, I don't care what happens as long as once they're done with me, they burn me up really good and grind me into really tiny ashes...

...Just in case "The night of the living dead" should become real one day. Don't wanna be a brain-eating zombie once I'm dead.

Mesh Posted: Sat Jan 12 03:08:48 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Yeah Chris, I saw those. I'm sorry to say I wasn't disturbed by them :( I've become so desensitized it's sad.

Anyways, I should be a mortician, honestly. Theres a school in san antonio ive looked into.

Mesh Posted: Sat Jan 12 10:47:54 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Oh, I am sure that they have found that fucker and stripped him of his practice/license/certification, and is awaiting criminal charges. Those pictures have been all over the internet by now. I've seen them on several different websites. I honestly can't even imagine what the hell was going through this bastards mind. There are actually more pictures in this series, and they are just absolutely wrong. Whoever did it isn't going to get away with it, I can pretty much assure you of that. I don't care what country it was done in, basically every country where it could have happened has laws against desecrating(spelling?) the bodies of the deceased.

Ahriman Posted: Wed Jan 16 15:55:35 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  The other day my honey bunny had her new anatomy textbook out with some really fantastic pictures of the human body (not sketches is what I mean) and all I could think of while looking through it was how to best cook/fabricate the parts. I mean I really was sitting there discussing how best to remove the veins from the liver to have a proper terrine made. I guess all I see these days is food. Chianti anyone?


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