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Jobby Job
Mesh Posted: Sun Jan 20 22:52:06 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  What has been your most interesting job to date? Not necessarily your favourite, or the funnest or whatever, just the most interesting.

I've had a few interesting jobs, but the one people always find the most interesting is the job I had as a wafer fab operator, working in a massive clean room(kind of a misname-it was really an entire building with different levels, rooms, and sections).

I got to work in a place like this

and wear an outfit like this

And help make bad boys like this

I had originally applied and got hired on as a wafer transport technician(sounds a lot more involved than it really is), did that for two weeks, then my supervisor was like "Hey, I want to start training you as an operator starting next week!" so then I did that for three months. I wound up quitting, because.....It just wasn't really my kind of job, I guess. Interesting, but not for me.

Also, I don't like 12 hour shifts unless I'm doing something I absolutely love. Call me lazy. Call me crazy, but I kind of really hated it, so when you get eight hours into the day, and realize, oh boy! I still have four more hourse to go, it kind of made me antsy.

addi Posted: Sun Jan 20 23:01:28 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  lots of strange jobs in my past. The most interesting (translated for me equals fulfilling) was being self-employed as a cartoonist. It was scarey, but wonderful.

Mesh Posted: Sun Jan 20 23:18:37 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I guess we can do least interesting, as well.

One of my very, very first jobs, was at an auto-parts warehouse. The warehouse bought autoparts and yadda yadda yadda, then various autoshops in the city, when they needed a part, would order the part from them, and we(they) would sell it to the autoshop at a nice profit, and deliver it to the shop on the same day. Well, the parts came in boxes, you see. And thats where I came in.

It was my job, eight hours a day, to take my little boxcutter and cut down boxes, put them on a pallet, and wrap the pallet in stretch wrap, then haul the pallet out with an ancient pallet jack onto the docks to be loaded onto a freight, hauled off, and recycled.

I also had the awesome, incredibly stimulating job of building boxes, as well. Don't ask. Don't even fucking ask. " cut down boxes, and then had to build more? Couldn't they just have...." Yeah, I know. Hey, I wasn't about to say anything. What, did I want to lose my career in box cutting?

Helpful hint, even if you have like, a thousand boxes to cut, don't rush. Slicing your hand open is both un-fun, and it gets you screamed and cussed.

Another one, was Binder technician. No, not the asphalt job. I sat at a table all day putting pages into binders. Yes. That was the job. I did it for four days, and then found a much more exciting job washing boats.

I just love how they throw the word "technician" onto certain job titles to make it sound like anything but a lameass, incredibly simple job that a six year old could do. Like "CD Entry Technician". I had a friend get a job with that title. You know what it was? Scanning the barcodes of CDs with a barcode scanner for eight hours a day. The computer did everything else necessary. Scan a cd, put it in a bin, when the bin gets full, carry it to it's designated spot. Go back to the computer, scan more CDs, etc.

I'm in a foul mood, if it came out in this post, sorry.

Also, fun fact:

I hate any job that requires me to use microsoft excel for more than three hours in one week. I also hate financial reports and shipping reports generated onto excel. Suck it, excel. I can learn every goddamn program on the internet no matter what, but for some reason, I just can't ever get excel. It's been years, and I still go online to look at tutorials! I am living a secret life as a non-proficient excel user. No one at work will ever know.

Mesh Posted: Sun Jan 20 23:22:30 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Wisenheimer said:
> I can learn every goddamn program on the internet

program on the computer*

antartica Posted: Mon Jan 21 02:54:12 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  here goes mine...

i've basically done

- computer exhibition / road show sales

- bartender / cook / shift supervisor

- fry cook for fish & chips stall

- infantry medic

- oil rig safety technician

- trainer for oil rig new hires

of all the jobs, the last one's the one i'm in right now, but my funnest i guess was the fish and chips fry cook... prolly coz i was the one running it on my own and no one's to tell me what and how to do it but meself :)...

~Just Imagine~ Posted: Mon Jan 21 06:04:58 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Funnyest one:

2 days working for Pepsi as a "Giant 4 on a row piece" and playing real life "4 on a row" games on high building fencing

Thats us alright:

I haven't worked for real in my life yet, I just do some short things like this to earn some extra money... Don't won't to spoil my free none studying days on working...

addi Posted: Mon Jan 21 06:16:16 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I'm with you on the excel stuff, Meshie. I have to use it now and then on my job and for the life of me it always seems like I'm using a computer for the first time ever every time I have to create a report. Eight hours of building a report in an excel file really messes with your mind...and eyes on a 14" laptop screen : (

Hey just~imagine...funny avatar pic : )

erikagm Posted: Mon Jan 21 20:31:34 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Of all the jobs I've had, lemme see...

I've worked as

A Pharmacist
A Cook
A Babysitter
A Crafts-maker
A Bartender
A Busgirl
A Waitress
A Cashier
A Translator
A Customer Service Rep
A Quality Analyst in a Call Center (the job I have now)
An English Teacher

Of all of them, I think the one I enjoyed the most was as as Bartender/Busgirl/Waitress/Cashier at the Hard Rock Cafe.

It was really interesting because they really stick to their work ethic, which is "All are One". They are very team-oriented, I don't think I've found that elsewhere here in Mexico.

As for the least interesting, I think it was as a waitress in a mexican food restaurant. Damn slave-drivers.

Ahriman Posted: Mon Jan 21 23:50:55 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I miss taking care of all the animals and working on the farm I grew up on. I love making food for such appreciative customers ;) these days but no matter what I do in life my heart is with the outdoors. Chopping down trees, planting new ones, digging through the clay and topsoil, hauling manure, wrestling a sheep down to sheer it, riding the tractor in the rain, spending hours removing fleas/ticks from a stray animal dumped on the porch, bottle feeding orphan goats, etc.

libra Posted: Mon Jan 21 23:52:17 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I've been

A babysitter
An office assistant at an eye surgery center
A office assistant/personal assistant at a civil liberties institute for a 80 year old almost blind woman.
An receptionist for the faculty of medicine at a local university
A copy room tech at the faculty of arts at the same university
An office manager for a psychiatry office. (current)

i'd have to say that the most interesting was working for the civil liberties institute. I learned a lot, but I also dealt with a really difficult woman who I learned to respect. She had a totally strange way of getting things done (once asked me to bring a box of 500 envelopes to the post office with me to stamp with our return address and stuff with letters while waiting in line--probably not the place to do one's work) but she worked with Martin Luther King Jr. and a whole bunch of really great people, and had a lot to teach me.

~Just Imagine~ Posted: Tue Jan 22 04:49:05 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Ahriman said:
>I miss taking care of all the animals and working on the farm I grew up on. I love making food for such appreciative customers ;) these days but no matter what I do in life my heart is with the outdoors. Chopping down trees, planting new ones, digging through the clay and topsoil, hauling manure, wrestling a sheep down to sheer it, riding the tractor in the rain, spending hours removing fleas/ticks from a stray animal dumped on the porch, bottle feeding orphan goats, etc.


I could fall hopelessly inlove with someone who enjoys all that stuff ;)

everyday_daisy Posted: Tue Jan 22 17:16:40 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Ahriman said:
>I miss taking care of all the animals and working on the farm I grew up on. I love making food for such appreciative customers ;) ...

The wink! :)

My first and only paycheck was for working at the private library of a rich British man. I catalogued his books.

Everything else has been volunteer work / non-paying "jobs". I did like the library though. It was fun - I read on my breaks.

erikagm Posted: Tue Jan 22 21:43:36 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I forgot a job... Although I don't know if it qualifies since it was social service for my university and I wasn't paid, but it was certainly the most interesting one of all...

I worked in the Lab of the Veterinary School of Medicine, so I got to fill all the little petri dishes with Agar in order to grow cultures, got to mix the different types of Agar (who knew blood had to be at room temperature and the jelly mix had to be -just so- before you mix them otherwise the blood clots and it's useless?)

I took cultures, "seeded" them, put things in the autoclave (like a huge express pot) and learned a lot about chemistry and bacteria and all that stuff.

Also... Never make cup o noodles with bidistilled water... It makes you really really thirsty... And it makes the soup need LOTS of salt... Hehehe

mat_j Posted: Mon Jan 28 16:33:21 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Hmmm in my short time as a working indivdual on this earth...

-Cartoonist for a local football club match programme (Not bad for a first job, i was mostly paid in booze though!!)
-Chinese delivery guy (Inc. Chinese mafia deliveries)
-Fridge worker at a juice warehouse
-Road Surveyor
-Rail Surveyor
-3 different kinds of barman
-Part time bouncer (see above)
-Photographer assistant
-Campus guide
-Telephone faults phone jockey
-Administration assistant
-Building site lackey (very briefly)
-Selling timeshares (was sacked after a day for pretending to make calls, hanging out with the speedfreaks in the toilet and calling my boss a fucking asshole)
-Locations manager for short films
-Producer for a short film
-Producer for a music DVD
(Only made $300.00 in total for both!)
- Sitcom Writer
-Emergency assistance Helpline adviser
-Film festival assistance monkey (Voluntary)

I guess writing movies is the most exciting thing in the world for me even though in reality it's nothing more than me and Paulie sitting in an office giggling at each other for 12 hour periods and writing about a page an hour.

The cartooning job was quite fun, a friend from school took over the running of the programme for the Ton Pentre Bulldogs soccer team (terrible terrible team). I made a little 3 panel strip called never mind the bulldogs (after the sex pistols album never mind the bollocks, am still surprised they let me do it). It revolled around a family of three anthropomorphic bulldogs called Ma' Pa' and the Boy loosely based on my friends family. I got all my gags from a football website and occaisonally, and much to the chagrin of the team and staff would parody them in the comics. Happy days.

Surveying was a decent job too, used to get paid about 60.00 (US$ 120.00) a day, to do about 6 hours work (though i was usually on site for more) and i got to pick my hours on the sunday night of when i could work during the week. The train surveying part of it gave me a ticket that allowed me to roam the rail lines freely which was very handy.

iggy Posted: Tue Jan 29 05:05:02 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
Institute of Technical Education

Halide Pictures
Executive Producer

Director of Photography
Camera Operator
Camera Assistant


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