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iggy Posted: Thu Jan 24 23:47:46 2008 Post | Quote in Reply

addi Posted: Fri Jan 25 07:23:39 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  "Culturepush nabs an interview with one of the directors, the talented Nicholas Chu"

"The talented, Mr. Chu"
Sounds like it should be the title of the film : )

Cool project. I hope we get a chance to see the final when it's done on this side of the world. Sounded like you were going to tackle the "thou shall not commit adultry" commandment. If you need an experienced adulterer to play the lead please give m...oh, wait...

mat_j Posted: Mon Jan 28 16:10:13 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Fantastic work the talented Mr Chu!!!

That's some good shit!

Must say looking very handsome there showing that cmaera who's boss!


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