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Past Web Haunts
addi Posted: Thu Jul 10 18:20:41 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  No..not an early Halloween thread. I was reminded of my past by someone sending me an unexpected and bizarre email and it brought me back to my LJ (live journal) page, that I once was pretty devoted to. It's been a long long time since I've added to it (or visited it), for several reasons which I'll keep to myself. I noticed a few of my friends here that had a page there as well (sweet p, jenn, kuro, breeze, beetlebum) haven't posted anything new for a long time too.

Have any of the rest of you started a personal site at one of those types of communities, gotten really into it, and then let it fade away into a brief history of that time in your past life? Did you stop the whole personal blog thing, or find a new place to go to?

Just realized it's been a long long time since I've started a new thread here : )

libra Posted: Thu Jul 10 18:26:33 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I used to do livejournal too...a close group of friends and I liked to use it to communicate...then facebook happened. I liked livejournal because we actually had discussions about things, shared things we were thinking about, or were concerned with. When i read back, I know that my journal entries were kind of lame and naive. But it was an interesting record of me and my friends lives. Like taking all of our diaries and syncing them together.

Facebook is the only place besides GT I visit regularly, now, and I find it lacking. Sometimes I hate the fact that I can't share things with just my close friends, the way I could on livejournal. Other times, its nice to be able to catch up with distant friends from elementary/high school.

sweet p Posted: Thu Jul 10 18:42:45 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
i've had about a million online journals. i guess they just end up falling into a theme and i end up outgrowing the theme and want to change them.. sometimes.

i go through phases, i guess. i end up writing more in my journal books and neglect the online ones. then after enough time, it feels too late to go back. i think that sometimes i need an audience to speak to [and even if i don't have one, an online journal makes it easier to imagine one] and that's when they come in handy.
i am not always very organized and can have up to 5 different books to write in, so having an online journal is great for me to have everything in one spot. it is nice to be able to go back on the calendar and see what i was thinking about last year at this time.

yet, with an attention span as short as mine, and an interests list as endless, trying to maintain one journal, with one appearance, for one thing or everything, is nearly impossible for me.

to add: the internet is a weird place. it sometimes makes me feel too exposed and paranoid.

[also, hi addi :)]

addi Posted: Thu Jul 10 18:58:16 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  sweet p said:

>[also, hi addi :)]

Hi Nice Lady. Really good to have you back here. Would love to go somewhere and read all about your recent adventures (with pics), if it exists : )
Also thanks for chiming in libra. I figured there were some here that had lj accounts (i forgot about crim having one too)that I failed to mention.

I know what you mean about exposing personal stuff at places like that, p. Perhaps a weird analogy, but just like I prefer to remain in the dark about how the meat I put in my mouth is processed, I also prefer not to think about how much of my personal information (good and bad) is out there for anyone that has a mind to get at...rather easily I'm afraid.

It's precisely why I chose not to run as a candidate for president this year...too many sheep in my closet : )

choke Posted: Thu Jul 10 19:15:15 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Yeah I have one that my friends and I used to all use but then we started Bebo (its like a NZ version of facebook) but recently we've gone back to LJ for much the same reasons!

Ahriman Posted: Fri Jul 11 17:44:25 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  No to the journals. Yes to the facebook. GT is the only place I stop by "regularly".

jennemmer Posted: Fri Jul 11 22:07:21 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I realized that I'd started to use lj mostly when I felt like complaining about something, and didn't want to be seen only in that light. I am on facebook because it is the most useful way to keep up with some friends. I agree with libra though, I miss having actual discussions about things.

I've tried keeping up online journals of sorts, but it has always been haphazard and never had a readership larger than at most 10.

addi Posted: Sat Jul 12 09:00:38 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  jennemmer said:
> I am on facebook because it is the most useful way to keep up with some friends. I agree with libra though, I miss having actual discussions about things.

I miss having an actual discussion with you people in person. Now that would be a hoot.

I haven't been able to talk myself into getting on Facebook. Perhaps if I was still in college or much younger I'd do it, but at this point it just doesn't feel right to me.
I made a Myspace page a while back because a friend told me there was a community of ex people on that went to a special college program I did in southwest I created a page just to be a part of that group. Several months later, after that bunch of people turned out to be about as interesting and exciting as watching bugs getting zapped in one of those electric bug killing lights, I decided to delete my page.
The decision was made easier by a steady stream of women wanting to meet me or chat intimately online from all over the place. Most of it had nothing to do with them being attracted to me, but more to do with an exchange of $, or they were from some old Soviet block country and wanted to come to America under the guise of "I love you, Mr. Addison. You handsome sensitive man" (it made absolutely no difference that my profile had me as "married"), or they were stuck in a miserable relationship and saw me as a temporary cure for their marital problems.
It just wasn't worth the hassle.

mat_j Posted: Mon Jul 14 17:18:31 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Ever since i can remember there's been a GT, it has existed as my outlet to the internet since it went interactive all those years ago.

What i find most interesting about the net is the way people lead double lives, their spouses, friends etc are not involved . I'm intrigued by it, i've never really had an internet double life, i've always tried to blend it as smoothly into my real life as possible. There are few GTers (outside maybe the Dingaporeans who came and went and that little circe of cherry moon, mouse et al) who bring in outsiders, as far as i can remember I've brought, Anubis (and his various forgotten avatars), Paulo, Jasco, Billy and a couple of others here not to mention the people i told about here and they never joined like Beth, John, Laura and Carly etc.

I have a myspace and a facebook (i go by the name of Mat Troy, it's no secret, it just means work can't spy on me as easily), the net seems to fluctuate, we all have e-mail accounts etc but i for one seldom use it, mainly for connecting with my friend in Korea who's too lazy to social network, transfering writing between me and Paul and the occaisonal mail from my favourite e-corresponant, who knows who she is! ;-) ).

I do miss messenger a bit but i always found it awkward and Addi, Bel, Sweetp and Libra who were the only people i chatted with regularly were in crazy timezones many miles away from good of Greenwich mean time, though i have some nice memories of exchanging ideas on stories i was too scared to show with Addi, talking through the sunrise with Libra, talking purple apples with Sweetp and the various presents given to me by choke on my birthday!

I think transience is the nature of the net, we don't go to the greatest information source in the world to do the same things over and over again we evolve as the net evolves. At the moment there are millions of posts just like this one on decathousands of sites not a million gigs unlike this. We're Humans we join and leave communities and always will and we'll always leave our mark wherever we go.

PS find me on facebook under Mat Troy or myspace as Mat Trow, e-mail me at or find me here most days from 9 (8 central).

T x

choke Posted: Tue Jul 15 03:57:15 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Lol I had forgotten about that. Everyone wants a snail on their birthday. And all the other emoticons, also.

Weird, I've always thought Paulo Jasco and Billy were the same person!

Actually it was kindof shocking I saw someone at a party on this site not long ago (just looking at the quotes) and I got really nervous, I've never thought that REAL people used it :P

Kira Posted: Tue Jul 15 19:34:39 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I know next to nothing about Facebook and Myspace. I only just started using Youtube about six months ago.

addi Posted: Wed Jul 16 08:07:28 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Kira said:
>I know next to nothing about Facebook and Myspace.

just my opinion, but I don't think the quality or richness of your life is lessened by not being on either of those, Kira.

Nikki Posted: Mon Jul 21 12:40:47 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  

mat_j Posted: Wed Jul 30 04:54:02 2008 Post | Quote in Reply  
  choke said:
>Weird, I've always thought Paulo Jasco and Billy were the same person!

Jasco is the big blind guy

Paulo is the nerdy asthma guy

Billy is the Irish wankery guy

>Actually it was kindof shocking I saw someone at a party on this site not long ago (just looking at the quotes) and I got really nervous, I've never thought that REAL people used it :P

Civilians using this site!

The horror!


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