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Kira Posted: Fri Feb 27 22:35:22 2009 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Friends, forgive me for invading a public forum with a private matter. I am pulling out all the stops.


On the outside chance that you still check GT at least once or twice a week, this is my latest attempt to contact you. I am going to assume that you have recieved at least one of my earlier correspondence. If you have not read them, read one now.

My request still stands.

Call me crazy if you want, or stupid, or audacious. Annoying, thoughtless, desperate or pathetic. I am finished with pride, which prevented me for so long from contacting you, and also with humility, which made me worry that I had no right to. Whatever you may think of my actions now or their motives... my intentions are good. I am doing what I think is right, and in this much I am happy. It feels good not to be angry anymore and to be reaching for my friend. But it's more than that, because some time ago I returned against all odds to the place where the simple thought of you makes me feel happy and hopeful and right. If I am to hold on to that, with or without the person who inspired the feeling, I must do everything in my power to reach you and, if I can, make some kind of peace.

Even if I fail, I have to try.

Please contact me.



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