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Mesh Posted: Wed Dec 2 00:56:09 2009 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Please come home, Son. It is midnight, it's cold and wet outside. You've been gone long enough, it's time to step back into the glowing warmth of home. We're worried about you, out there in the cold, dark night.

Posted: Wed Dec 2 01:02:49 2009 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I see him popup on IM periodically. I didn't realize it was him until a few weeks ago - he had somehow gotten organized into my coworkers folder.

Kira Posted: Thu Dec 3 16:20:09 2009 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I know you're busy taking over the world and all but you could check in now and then to say hallo. Throw us a bone, Chris!

Kira Posted: Thu Dec 17 00:41:43 2009 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Happy birthday, Christophe.

sweet p Posted: Fri Dec 18 20:32:05 2009 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Happy [belated] Birthday, Christophe!
I miss you.

libra Posted: Sun Dec 20 03:08:52 2009 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Happy Birthday Christophe!
Wish you were here to read this!


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