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The Case of the Crying Cave
Kira Posted: Thu Dec 2 13:14:58 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  So I can never come up with any stories or chapters to post here for various reasons, the main one being that all my old stuff is crap and all my current stuff is too raw to be worth reading yet. BUT I recently discovered some old (old, OLD) work that I would happy to share.

I have been writing since before I could read. I drew stories page by page then stapled or taped them together and dictated the words to my mother, who wrote them in at the tops of the pictures.

This one is called The Case of the Crying Cave (10 cents)

"One day I was going to the rock cave to collect gold rocks until I heard a grring sound. I ran affright. I went for my up-up sticks."

(Picture of a stick figure in a hat running away from a cave.)

"I found my up-up sticks and went to the cave."

(Stick figure on stilts returns to the cave.)

"But it scared me away. I ran affright once more."

(Cave goes "Gerr." Stick figure screams "AAA" and stilt-runs away.)

"Soon I had enough of this crying cave stuff. I ran inside the cave and then a plane flew out. I ran in. There stood a little boy."

(Sticky, wearing a determined scowl, runs towards the cave while an rc plane flied over his/her head.)

"The boy told me everything he knew about this place. Then I found my bike beside the trees and took the boy home."

(Two stick figures share a meal in what appears to be a stone living room full of bats. One of them is going, "Gerrr, gerrr.")

"Mother decided to agree to adopt him. Father made a bed for him. And my sister gave him something to drink. We named him Billy."

(Then it looks like there's a regular house where the regular stick-children live and the cave boy is taking a bubble bath in a tree house next door.)


Now I'm off to read the rest of these things. I always thought they had been lost forever.

mat_j Posted: Sun Dec 5 06:09:33 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Curious work :-) something strangely Scottish about it. would love to see the stick drawings.

Kira Posted: Sun Dec 5 23:01:35 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  If I had a Flickr I would tell you I'd scan 'em and put them up, but I don't, so I won't. Also I'm lazy.

But thanks for indulging me Mat. *Hugs* Do the Scottish like to tell stories about people in caves?

mat_j Posted: Wed Dec 8 07:24:04 2010 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Robert the Bruce famously hid in a cave whilst on the run and saw a spider failing to make a web several times which inspired him to 'try, try, try again' and go on to some famous Victory or other, i also am too lazy too check this.

Also use of the word affright, which sounds like a Scottish word to me for some reason and maybe something else i haven't identified yet in there.


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