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Eat this!
Kira Posted: Tue May 7 20:57:20 2013 Post | Quote in Reply  
  I still haven't figured out what to call this, I generally think of it as "Asian egg salad" because the boiled egg part is Chinese in origin.

To feed two people, you will need:

4-6 eggs
Black tea
Soy sauce
Ground cinnamon or cinnamon sticks
A bundle of green onions/scallions
1-2 cloves of garlic
One apple
Crumbled bacon or diced ham, or nuts if you prefer.

Start with black tea eggs. To prepare:

Make hard-boiled eggs. Use eggs that have been sitting in the fridge for a while or add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water to make them easier to peel. After you've cooked the eggs and run them under cool water, set them aside and use your pot to brew some black tea. One tea bag per one cup of water. Heat up the water and brew three minutes. Add one tablespoon dark soy sauce and one tablespoon ground cinnamon.

Now go back to your eggs and grab a spoon. Crack the shells all over with the back of the spoon. Hit hard, if a little shell comes off that's okay. Then put the eggs in your black tea concoction and cook on low for a minimum two hours. I leave them on the stove on overnight because I like to live dangerously.

Now you have tea eggs!

Before you take them out of the tea get all your other stuff ready. Chop up one green onion per one egg. Dice the garlic. Slice off some apple and dice up enough of it to make about two tablespoons. I like to use the skin part for color. Get your crumbled bacon ready or dice the ham or chop the nuts.

Now take out the eggs and peel. For this part I like to chop the eggs up pretty small because all the other ingredients are chopped to bits too. Add onions/garlic/apple/protein and season to taste.

Last time I made this I added just a splash of soy sauce to the finished dish and it was delicious.


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