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Mixcder Wireless Neckband In-ear Headphones for Music without Falling Out for Workout/Running
headsetmixcder Posted: Thu Oct 26 05:39:12 2017 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Itís a wonderful feeling to be completely absorbed in the fluidity of movement that is running or walking; that perfect moment in time, accompanied only by your music. Now, the loss of music is not just an annoyance, tangled cords are a major safety hazard that can lead to tripping, falling and the possibility of injuries.
What you need is a set of carefully engineered [url=]behind the neck sport headphones[/url]. These earphones provide a secure, comfortable fit with specially acoustically-tuned and designed earbuds made to stay in your ears, even when youíre active. And as the earphones sit in the ear canal, they donít interfere with your hairstyle, eye glasses or earrings.
Even better than the design of these headphones is the amazing jaw-dropping sound quality. You get best-in-class performance with rich and powerful lows, solid mids, and the highs do a great job of preserving detail without harshness.
With the built-in mic you are assured best-in-class audio sound that allows you to answer calls from your cell phone, move tracks and control the volume remotely. The latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology connectivity gives you a range of up to 33 feet. This efficient version of Bluetooth, together with a 120mah battery will give you an impressive 8 hours playing time!
Given that the earbuds are hanging around your neck, mere inches from your ears, means you wonít have to dig through your bag or your pockets when you want to listen to some tunes or take a phone call. And since virtually all [url=]around the neck headphones[/url] connect to your smartphone or personal media player via Bluetooth, those two tiny little cords connecting the collar to the earphones are the only cables you need to worry about. That means no more ratís nests to untangle. Since those cables arenít extending from your head to your pocket, it also means fewer opportunities to snag them on a doorknob and rip your earphones out of your ears. Or worse yet, break the wires, rendering your precious audio purchase worthless.
Mixcder newly released [url=]wireless neckband headphones[/url] R9 equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and CVC6.0 Noise Cancelling enabling high fidelity stereo sound quality, elevate your audio, faster connectivity and lower power consumption. Hydrophobic nano coating improved this in-ear headsets durability with IPX5 rating to sweat resistant, splashes resistant, and wet weather conditions.


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