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gsnoopy520 Posted: Wed Jan 17 04:39:53 2018 Post | Quote in Reply  
  Learning how to play golf well does not have to be difficult or frustrating. It simply requires knowing the right things and then applying them to your golf game. One of the biggest keys to reducing your golfing handicap is to learn the game backwards. Most amateurs step up to the practice tee and the first club they grab is the driver.

While hitting the driver is a lot of fun <a title="Cheap Seattle Seahawks Jerseys" href="" COLOR="MEDIUMSLATEBLUE">>Cheap Seattle Seahawks Jerseys</a> , I can assure you that shooting low scores is just as fun if not more enjoyable than just hitting the occasional monster drive. The ironic thing is that if you do learn the game from the green back to the tee you will find that you will develop solid swing mechanics that will then translate into consistently longer drives that also find the fairway.

The first thing you need to learn is how to putt. There are many grips and putting styles you can use. A good tip to keep in mind is to make sure your eyes are directly over the ball during your putting stance as this will help you to see the line better. A great way to learn a putting style is to simply pick your favorite golfer and copy their putting style. Remember that if they are on the PGA tour using that putting style then it obviously works so just pick one style you like and then stick with it.

Remember to spend most of your putting practice time hitting short putts inside of ten feet. Short putts are the foundation of a solid putting game and they can make a huge difference as far as lowering your golf scores. The next key aspect of golf are the short shots around the green like the bunker shots, chip and flop shots.

With bunker shots you want to open your stance which means your feet are aligned to the left of the target if you are a right handed player and then you need to pick a spot around 3 inches behind then ball and hit that spot using a cushion of sand to lift the ball out of the bunker. With chip shots you want to place the ball further back in your stance towards your right foot and use a downward blow to hit the ball. Also maintain a straight line between the left hand and the club shaft through impact.

When hitting flop shots you will need at least a 60 degree wedge and place the ball further up in your stance closer to your left foot. Also make sure the lie is ideal for a flop shot which means there should be a cushion beneath the ball that will allow you to easily slide the club under the ball so you can hit a high shot that has a lot of spin.

Learning how to hit wedge shots between 40 and 150 yards is the next key element of golf. These are your money shots and they can make a huge difference in your scores. The ball should be positioned towards the center of your stance. Developing touch with these shots is a function of consistent practice so make sure you put in the time necessary to learn these shots. Also try to avoid too much mechanical thoughts when hitting any golf shot, simply pick a target and make the swing. If you need to practice mechanics do it without hitting any balls because the result will usually not be very consistent.

Your mid irons are the next step in learning how to play this game. Most people simply swing far too hard when it comes to the full swing. You need to relax and let the club do the work. Look at how many thin players there are on the PGA tour, this is proof that you do not need to muscle the club in order to get great distance and accuracy. Always swing well within yourself and maintain good balance.

The driver is simply an extension of the smaller swing and again make sure to swing within yourself. Hitting a driver far is a function of club head speed, ball spin and trajectory. The best way to ensure consistently longer drives is to master basic swing mechanics with the shorter clubs and then applying what you have learned to the driver. Follow some of these golf tips to help you become a lower handicap golfer.
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Shakil is an online researcher, avid golfer and regular contributor to a site on golf tips. Be sure to also visit the section on putting tips to help reduce your handicap.

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