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    Jack K
    13 May 2003

    As a senior in high school, I have more than my fair share of time constraints. Family, friends, chores, hobbies, job, school, homework, and sports all have to be carefully balanced. For most of the year, I am able to do so just fine, having no real trouble even with two AP classes a semester (English and Calculus). Even with the occasional girl interest, my life is not TOO hectic. Well, that is 8 out of 12 months of the year. This is do to one of my three passions, wrestling. My other two, reading and rock climbing, are done easier and mostly in the summer. But for the four months in wrestling season, I eat, breathe, walk, talk, smell, dream, act, and even look like wresling. And, being that these are the only four months I am able to due this major portion of my life, ALL other activities warm the bench. Is that so wrong? I am not allowed to enjoy and fully engross myself in my most favorite passion? Due to a neck injury and the fact that I am going into the military after college, i will not be able to participate (fully) in the sport there. On top of that, wrestling is not complete without the team mates that push you and the team to greatness. To wrestle without them is like climbing without a wall, reading without a light. So, if I am truly enjoying an aspect of my life that I may only be able to do for four months a year for four years of my life, why cant those other activities sit on the back burner? What is the big deal about doing ALL your homework? Who cares if puedo escribir espanol? I don't as long as I know the East Burke 140 pounder is shitting a brick watching me warm up, knowing he is about to recieve the ass-wooping of a lifetime. Excuse the language, but this sport is one of total physical and mental domination of another being, total power over that being, knowing that you are the one that is able to outwit and outwork and outmatch the opponent that has put his foot on that green line. There is no other high like it. Even when rock climbing 600 and 800 footers, the veiw and the adrenaline, it is no match for hearing the ref's hand smack the mat and your team and the crowd screaming, and your coach congradulating you. So who cares if physics homework was almost never done and that I was too tired to weightlift in the morning to get a good grade in the class. I don't, I was wrestling a match every tuesday and a tournyment every fri and sat for three months. For those out there who are saying it is just a sport and that academics have to come first, I have to say two things. One, I made 5's on both my AP tests (Calculus BC and English, considered "perfect" score) and have been accepted into NCSU's engineering program with a three year scholarship. And Two, if you had only four months a year to do your true passion, along with life's other distractions, would you put your passion off untill you had time? Or try and soak up as much as possible?

    My team went 32-1 my last year, I was 5th in state