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  • The Void.
    Megan Perrin
    22 Jan 1998

    A child huddled in the darkness of her own soul. A child alone in the world. damned by the ones that brought her here. Her life, tortured by her own race, has caused her to hate all living things. Scarcly alive and condemned to walk among the ones she wants to hurt. She is lost in a mind where dreams never come and darkness lives forever. Her fate, stained by the memories of tears that flood her every thought. she is now forced to live in a world without light, love dares not go there. This uman shunned by the world and tortured by her own dark mindand cold heart. One day she will die, knowing that her fate is to live in darkness. From darkness she was formed and to darkness she will die. Hell is where she is going. Her own ell is where she has lived, with no hope of quenching the fires that burn her heart. Her mind races with unanswerable questions. What has she done to deserve this life? What great injustice as she committed? What was so bad that she caused hatred apon herself? Her past is what condemns her to suffer like no person has suffered before. Locked in her own hell.

    This is a relly old peice written during a desperate time. It's not like thi anymore. thank god!