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  • lies , and more lies.


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  • happiest doll , greatest liar
    25 Jun 2003

    the happiest doll in the world
    is me.

    the greatest liar in the world
    is me

    say hello to this world
    wave,and dance
    and sing the lovely little tune
    and dance in that beautiful little dress

    tell the whole world
    you love the way things are
    shout it , yell it ,
    rant , scream

    stop it.
    im telling you.
    it's tiring.
    it's wearing all my skin out.

    the heart,the eyes,the mouth.
    wearing them all out.

    my heart is made of paper.
    it tears.
    my eyes is made of water.
    it tears.
    my mouth is made of plastic
    it tears.

    the happiest doll,the greatest liar.
    wishes she'd evaporate
    from all corners of this black house

    this black house is so dark,
    she cannot see,
    she cannot feel,
    she cannot taste,

    she gropes around.
    she shivers.
    is afraid.
    and she trips and fall

    over and over again
    it happens all the time.
    it should end.

    kiss the sadness goodbye
    kick it,punch it
    send it away.
    dont hide.

    i say , dont cover