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  • lies , and more lies.


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  • rampant.
    26 Jun 2003

    perturbed scenes still flash in my dreams,
    rampant movements corrode my hair,
    fierce, raucous,violent
    it left me lying here,lifeless.

    still shunning genuineness,
    still charging with least aspect,
    self inflicted pain,
    still naive, nonsensical

    i see terrible visions,
    of brothers killing sisters,
    of mothers drowning daughters,
    of enemies destroying each other.

    i was still on my feet last night,
    running and sinking
    i was still trapped in the dark house,
    i was still aching in my bones.

    i can see the faces now,
    these people are joyous, jubilant
    they are laughing
    not me.

    i am hidden in the curtains,
    the world is looking at me from a mirror.
    nothing is certain , solid , authentic
    we are all actors on our own stage