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    miss sunscreen
    4 Jul 2004

    if there is 1 thing i'd like to do before i die, i'd like to go for a 360 degrees spin around this planet.

    it's a brand new experience each time im given the opportunity to explore a new place and it gives me great pleasure to witness spectacular sceneries, to meet new people and to discover. really, it's amazing to know that the world is more than the piece of map in your geography textbooks. also, to hear people speak in different tongues brings us one step away from all the information the damned education system constantly bombards us with.

    if i had all the money in the world, i'd travel. i want to see the world. to feel rejuvenated at every sunrise. to see the ball of fire from a different angle each morning. to look at the world from a different perspective.

    ironically, i enjoy solidarity. those who think they know me think i fear loneliness.

    maybe i'd like to one day travel on my own.

    mauritius - i know of the sun, the beach, the crystal clear waters that surround the peaceful island and ive been yearning to make a trip there.

    i love nature. i like to hear the waves crash into the sea, i like the fluffy magnolia white clouds that hover high above our heads, i like the birds that soar with grace in the air, i like the sound of the hidden woods, i like the creatures that roam the earth. on all fours.

    many people think it's queer, but i want to be a zoo keeper to work for animals.

    i recall doing a comprehension on liars that threw me the question " so what does the passage tell you about the world ? " without hesitation, i scribbled with such certainty " the world is full of lies. "

    my mind is always in a whirl. im confused, puzzled and sometimes to the extent of bewildered by the mysteries of this world. sometimes, there isnt a reason. and this scares me.

    many other places i want to go to. paris, greece, africa, greece, egypt, belgium, russia .. maybe they will eventually unravel what this ball of mass really holds. for me.

    many times, i wished things were better. hopes are good. but too much of it isnt. in this dog eat dog world, hopes and dreams come and go like your fair-weathered friends. like a passing shower. like your infatuation with the punk rockstar.

    i want to change sometimes but it's too tough. call me lazy, but i dont give a flying fuck. it's just me, take it or leave it. i may appear to be nonchalent sometimes, but im just too afraid to show that i care. it's a tremendous task. almost impossible. then again, impossible is nothing.

    im very unsettled. ever since all that trouble at home, i havent had a good night's rest. it hurts me just to see everything fall apart.

    i cant deny that im lucky. i know i should be thankful for the many people ive had in my life. and i am, for the untold amount of love they've showered upon me and that has made me so much stronger.

    still, i insist that i must and will travel, because i know that im so insignificant compared to the many others in the other corners of this earth.

    this december.