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    4 Jul 2004

    ' the only constant in the world is change. '

    damn right.

    i tried counting with my fingers today. with exactly five fingers, i could easily show you the number of months left in school.

    and if you thought i'd get melancholic and all that nostalgia would start flowing - boy, you are so wrong.

    the truth is, i'd be absolutely elated to leave school. dont get me wrong. i enjoyed my secondary school life. i met my best mates in secondary school. the lessons accumulated in the past 3 years , 5 months and 13 days - like woah.

    leaving school does not essentially mean leaving memories behind. inside each of us lies a tiny chest. ive stored a tremendous amount of untold secrets, tonnes and tonnes of tears,joy, fun and laughter in that small box.

    as long as we refuse to dispose of these memories, i can almost certainly say that they will stay with you. have faith, hun. have faith in your friendships. believe in your friends. most importantly, trust yourself never to let go of these beautiful moments that you've had.

    there arent many things that i believe in. one of the few things i truely stand by - friendship. trust is the fundament of a relationship. keep the faith burning, and let the friendship go on and on.

    imagine yourself sipping coffee with your mates at a posh cafe ten years down the road - chuckling at the foolish moments where you talked back to your chinese teacher and the rest would stand behind you - like a wonderwall and you know you'd never fall, reminiscing the times where you all got into trouble with MISS XXX , the teacher with a size extra large mouth, how you'd all hug together and cry after a bitter squabble, how you'd all come together to bitch about miss popular in school and diss the dork in class ABC.

    people dont forget. and people like me, never forget. i still remember the very first guy i dated ( in kindergarten, mind you ) his name was PAUL TAN and he was half french. he used to give me pork floss because i liked them. i also recall my sitting partner in primary one. her name was elaine koh jia yu. and i can still vaguely remember her phone number.

    rest assured i wont forget anyone of you. because i believe firmly that you've done more than just giving me pork floss or holding my hand :D

    i have come a point in life where ive learnt to accept things as they come - too much has happened over the past year. i dont sob as much, because i know that things happen for a reason.

    life is undoubtedly cruel. but eh, it goes on.