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    4 Mar 2002

    The gang of us Singaporeans and Malaysians were sitting around for dinner yesterday all looking stressed from the end of semester blues..term papers, quizzes...bleary eyed and depressed till someone burst into the Elephant song...from that children's educational programme that was on TV3 aeons ago that ended with a purple creature that animated "EYE- LOVE-YOU" .

    While we tried to explain that show of yesteryear to the younger ones at the table who were probably still at the foetal stages of their life as it was being televised, the floodgates crashed open and kiddie shows and toy figures of the past came back momentarily to rock our worlds..

    Do you remember..
    o That time when all we had on TV that was deemed suitable for us was Sesame Street and Electric Company.
    o Then some wise crack came up with Square TV, the maths programme with a special section called Mathnet, that Dragnet rip-off with the mathematicians called Monday and George.
    o Action figures took on a whole new meaning when He-man arrived on the scene with his sister (rite!) Xena's front runner She-Ra.
    o Strawberry Shortcake had a theme shop in Thomson Plaza that was the quintessential girl magnet: all pink and pretty.
    o Care bears, Cabbage Patch kids and Pound Puppies were the "Mommy-I-want!" quality items of value.
    o Barbie taught us about emerging curves and valleys and power dressing.
    o Boys stopped staring at Barbie coz' they got dolls of their own when Mask and Centurions started selling as action figures.
    o All the cartoons ended off with a mini-moral-education lesson at the end.
    o The only wars we were interested in at that time were the Cybertronian Civil Wars between the Autobots led by Optimus Prime and the Decepticons led by the evil dude Megatron who transformed into a gun (?).
    o Ghostbusters were the closest we got to the supernatural.
    o 'Glow in the dark' toys like Construx were the closest we got to magic.
    o Some of the few shows past 8 that interested us were Incredible Hulk and Knight Rider.
    o One word: Airwolf. That reoccurring dream to patrol the skies started here. Bet it still gets us revved up now.
    o Renaissance painters walked among us for a while, when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles attained turtle power.

    Familiar again.. just some of the best memories we had.
    And just that once, essays and tests took a backseat as we reached back to a past we had forgotten to remember, unwrapped precious memories that we had kept stashed away for such a long time and bathed them in the golden warmth of nostalgia for a while again..