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    12 Feb 2002

    I suddenly have this craving for assam laksa
    and carrot cake
    and a proper lashing rain that leaves everything green and wet and squishy after

    and I want to walk through some forest, any park at home and hear crickets and other afternoon creatures
    I want to wear shorts and go hiking in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in the hot hot sun with people who speak like me, who talk like me, think like me

    and there are so many of them
    but so far away at home....

    I will never take home and NTUC and sugarcane juice in a big bloated glass mug for granted ever again.

    I can hear the flip flop of PVC slippers slapping down the grey HDB stairs and plump aunties with jade pendants, three quarter pants and pink plastic bags of breakfast walking out of the wet market, talking, gesturing, their animated faces crinkling into laughter..

    and if I close my eyes, I can
    smell nasi lemak and otak, and blachan being fried

    hear a whole cacophony of voices, dialects, accents, conveying meanings, feelings, events at lightning quick quintessential Singlish speed

    see the coconut trees at ECP swaying against fluffy white clouds moving lazily across a bright power blue sky

    ...and feel all the warmth that the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia and homesickness can bring...